Lincoln’s Clowder Gets Another Feline

One of the most inspiring stories of any cat rescue is the one of Lincoln, a formerly paraplegic feline whose human nursed him back to health and who is now a fully mobile and happy cat who models bow ties.  He has come a long way from a black ball of fur who couldn’t move anything but his eyes.

Linky's Story is a Great Cat Rescue StoryLincoln’s human is an amazing human.  If she just stopped with nursing Lincoln back to health, that would have been a huge accomplishment.  But she did not stop there.  She took on many additional special needs felines, and brought in a bunch of felines who were living in an abandoned home.

That’s on top of volunteering with Tenth Life cat rescue!  All of this dedication to helping us felines is incredible.

And Lincoln’s human just can’t say no to taking on additional very difficult cases.  Bianca is a wonderful feline who is the same age as my good furiend Linky, as we call Lincoln.  She was born on a windowsill to a stray feline, and at some point, she fell off the windowsill.  This caused damage to her jaw and may have caused her to lose her eyesight. Linky's Human is writing another happy cat rescue story

A kind human took in Bianca, but sadly, this human became unable to take care of her.  Linky’s human heard about the sad situation, and volunteered to help Bianca.  When Bianca joined Linky’s clowder, she was initially very hissy and went hiding under the bed.  This is not surprising, since she is blind and cannot see that the place is safe for her.

Not surprisingly, though, with Linky’s human, Bianca started to feel comfortable.  She was starting to talk to Linky’s human and rolling over to enjoy some petting.  Bianca is learning her surrounding, and learning that she will be safe.  And kind Linky will be the first feline who gets to meet her, because he is a very sweet feline and a wonderful cat greeter.

Doesn’t this cat rescue story make you happy?

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2 Replies to “Lincoln’s Clowder Gets Another Feline”

  1. Awww this really make me happy. Just wish there were more humans like Linky´s human! <3 A really lovely Christmas story to share! <3

  2. Purrrrrrr! I love how Linky’s Mom helps we special needs cats to get better and feel confident! My human and I both love this story so much she is purring too! Happy Holidays Bagheera and family!

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