Jacey Visits the Humans in White Coats

Jacey Visits the Veterinarian or Humans in White CoatsHello, everyone.  It is Jacey today.  A few days ago, the human took me to the place where the humans in white coats work.  And I did not like it one bit.  I am here to share my story with you.

First, the human picked me up and put me in that plastic box with holes.  Well, a bengal cat like me does not like to be confined.  I like to run around!  Just ask Bagheera how much I like to run and hide and then ambush him when he least expects it.  It is fun for me.  And I am trying to get Marley to play this way, too, but she does not like it.

Then the human put me on the seat of that metal box that has wheels.  I did not like this, either, and complained to him very loudly.  The human is confused by this, because when he brought me to meet Bagheera and become part of his clowder, I did not complain at all.  Now I do as soon as I get in that metal box.

Finally, we got to the humans in white coats.  I did not mind this so much, because the human let me out of the plastic box very quickly.  And I got to see a human who comes to take care of me and Bagheera every now and then, so I did not mind that much.  I especially liked exploring the room.  And when the white coated human came into the room, I amazed him by jumping onto the top of the cabinet!

The human had to climb onto a chair to get me down.  It serves him right for doing this to me.  After that, the human in a white coat examined me.  I was good, and did not squirm too much, but I do not like being held at all.  So I tried to get away, but they would not let me.

The white coated human told us that my teeth have some tartar build up, and that I would likely need to have my teeth cleaned next year.  My human asked if he could brush my teeth, and he was told that it is unlikely I would tolerate it.  I am a nice cat, but if the human thinks he is sticking a brush into my mouth, he is crazy!

Then they took me to a room where they took some of my blood.  Bagheera tells me he hates the human doing this to him, and I understand why now!  I did not scratch or bite the humans like Bagheera did when they did this to me, but I was not happy.

The most fun thing for me was when we were leaving.  The human was leaving green things behind to pay, and a doJacey Did This When she Visited the Humans in White Coatsg approached me.  I did not like the dog at first, but he really insisted on being my furiend.  So I slowly approached the front of the cage, and we rubbed noses.

I think this canine likes me.  When I was leaving, he whined, and the human let us rub noses again.

If the human isn’t nice to me, I think I will go to the home of that canine.  I wonder if he will allow me to ambush him.

Well, that is all from me.  The human says I talk too much so I will be quiet now.

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  1. Oh Jacey, I love when you explain everything so nicely to us so we understand everything. That canine sounded really lovely. Maybe it´s a future furiend to be 😉 But I think your furiends and your human is the best anyhow! <3

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