Lincoln’s Human Ends 2013 in Style

First, I want to thank all of you for being so patient with me today.  The web server was down, and then, I, being a feline, wanted to nap.  Well, the human told me a great story about what Lincoln‘s human did, and I wanted to share this with you enough to wake up and write!

Lincoln's Clowder has a New AdditionMany humans say that my human is a very dedicated one because he takes care of a diabetic cat.  He disagrees with these people, because he says he only really has to give me two insulin shots a day and then test my blood sugar.  He does not think that is a very difficult task and he shrugs when asked about the added responsibility of taking care of a diabetic cat.

Whether my human is as dedicated as they say, there is no question that he is not as committed to helping felines as my good furiend Lincoln’s human.  We all know about Linky, and how she nursed him from a paralyzed black ball of fur to the thriving and playful cat he is now.  And we know that she has helped many felines with difficult cases.

Many humans, my human included would say that this is enough.  But not Linky’s human.  She decided that she would close out the year in style, by helping another feline!

Lincoln's Human is Fostering DanielDaniel is a 12 week old kitten who was found hiding under a car to get out of the rain.  This is a good reminder that you should always bang on your car hood and honk the horn before you start the engine.  It could save a feline like Daniel!

He was being fostered by one human, but they decided that Daniel needed new furiends.  Linky’s human was volunteering at Tenth Life Cats, and Daniel saw her.  When she went to Daniel, he started head bonking her face, asking him to take him home so he could have a good foster home.

Well, it will not surprise you at all to know that she did.  And now Linky and his clowder have another addition.  This is a great end of 2013 for Daniel and a wonderful beginning of 2014 for him.  Let’s hope he finds a furever home in the new year!

I wish you all a very happy and safe new year, and be sure to make sure your felines are safe today.  If there are fireworks, remember, we do not like them, so do not let us escape!

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  1. We never by any fireworks because we think it´s really upsetting for most of the animal life and we don´t want anyone else to buy either. If anyone ask us, we just say “no please don´t buy” and usually they accept that! <3

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