Happy Cat Rescue News to Share

I always like sharing happy news with you kind humans.  And nothing makes me happier than knowing that a feline who needed a furever home has found one.

You will remember that I told you the story a few days ago of Penguin.  This sweet boy was the last of the litter seeking to have the final chapter of his cat rescue story written.  He, along with the rest of his litter, were taken in by the Iroquois County Animal Rescue in Illinois.  All of his siblings had been adopted, but poor little Penguin was still at the shelter.  He was never in danger, because the humans there were taking care of him, but he deserved a furever home just like the ones his siblings had.

Penguin's Cat Rescue Story Has a Happy EndingWell, just a few days after I shared this story with you, a wonderful human stepped up and adopted Penguin.  He now has a furever home!

No longer will this sweet little black and white kitten be kept in the cage we see here.  He has a home!

Closer to me, a human who adopted the last cat placed by the San Diego Humane Society in 2013 caused his friend to become the first adopterA Happy Cat Rescue Story Close to Me of a cat in 2014.  You can tell what was on the mind of the humans there when they were looking to place these kittens.  The one who was adopted at the end of 2013 is named Blitzen.

She had a sibling named Prancer.  And the roommate of the human who adopted Blitzen decided that he did not want Blitzen to be without her sibling.  That’s why he welcomed 2014 by going to adopt Prancer and now the two litter mates have been reunited.

Jason Mraz Completes Prancer's Cat Rescue StoryThis is a wonderful cat rescue story, but what makes it even better is that the humans who did the adoptions are famous for making sounds that you humans enjoy with their voices.

The human who adopted Blitzen is Billy Galewood, who performs as Bushwalla.  And the human who adopted Prancer is Jason Mraz.  I do not know if I have heard his work, but I do know that I like the shirt he is wearing in the picture with Prancer!

I hope you have enjoyed these happy cat rescue stories!

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  1. Awww it really made me happy to read about especially Penguin, but also the other rescue stories! Love these humans taking care of our sweet babies! <3

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