Interesting Happenings with Marley and Me

“Human!  Human!  Come here, quickly.”

“What is it, Jacey?”

“You have to see what Bagheera and Marley are doing.”

“Oh no, are they fighting?  What did you do, Jacey?”

“I didn’t do anything, human.  And they are not fighting.”

When the human got over, he was treated to the sight of Marley relaxing in her cage, and me underneath the shelf with no growling or hissing.

If you have been following the story of Marley, you know that she is a shy cat.  After initially being brave and exploring, she started to hide under the bed when Jacey started playing the ambush game.  That meant that we had to reset everything, and that Marley had to be isolated from us for a while.

This is a challenge that occurs with many cat adoptions.  The human had been lucky with previous adoptions in that the felines he had before were not shy like Marley is.  They took to the home very quickly and became furiends with the feline already in the home without any trouble.

Although the human did not intend initially for Marley to become a cat adoption for him, he had to learn how to handle a situation where a feline coming into the home did not feel comfortable.  In order to get Marley to come out from under the bed, he purchased a dog crate, so that she would feel secure in it.

When he first got the crate, he kept it closed, so that Marley would feel secure.  Now he has the door completely open on one side, and he also has moved a hidey hole outside of the crate so that Marley can play in it.

He expected that Marley would start to wander outside of the cage more and more, which is what has happened.  But he did not expect me or Jacey to go into the cage and was very surprised to see it.

This is a sign that Marley is getting more comfortable.  Another sign is that she does not growl at me and Jacey when we approach.  The human is hopeful that soon he will be able to do away with the dog crate and Marley will be able to run around the entire apartment.

Of course, she will have to watch out for ambushes from Jacey, just like I do.

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