Cat Survives Being Trapped For Three Days

A drainage pipe is no place for a feline like me to be trapped.  It is especially bad if that pipe is wet and the temperature outside is cold!  But Piper is the subject of a very happy cat rescue story after enduring being trapped in this situation for three days!

According to the local humane society, going into a drainage pipe is unusual for felines to begin with.   For Piper to have gone as far into the pipe as he did, something must have scared him and he ran into the pipe to avoid whatever scared him.

Piper's Happy Cat Rescue Story Started In a Drainage PipePiper’s plight was discovered when a human heard him crying.  At first, the humans responsible for this cat rescue tried putting treats near the pipe.  Then they drained the water from the pipe, and put some cardboard down so that poor Piper would have a place to stay relatively dry.

They tried talking to Piper as well, and even used a cellphone app that made a meowing sound.  Piper did not budge, however, and more drastic measures were needed.

Eventually, the humans decided to cut into the pipe to free the trapped cat.  Piper finally was freed, and he was scooped up with a net immediately so he could not escape.

Piper was wet, lethargic, and cold when he was rescued.  When he went to the humans in white coats, they discovered that he had been neutered and declawed.  I do not condone declawing, but these things meant that Piper had lived with a human before.

Based on his condition, the humans in white coats said Piper had clearly been living on his own outside for a while.  And he had scratches under his chin, which meant that he had been in a scuffle with other animals.  Piper was also dealing with a fractured hind leg.

Piper's Happy that his is a good cat rescue storyDespite all this, the humans in white coats who treated Piper after his dramatic cat rescue said he is a happy cat.

And Piper will not have to endure being homeless outside ever again.  The local humane society that coordinated this cat rescue said that too many people to count have offered to adopt him.

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  1. How lovely to hear that Piper was securely rescued! Hope he´ll find a loving home now then. Strange the owners haven´t called to check where he is! :/

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