Don’t Give up on So Called Difficult Cats

In any cat adoption facility, there are some felines who are labeled difficult, and some that are labeled easy to adopt.  Sometimes, the felines are considered difficult to adopt because of injuries, medical conditions, their age, or the color of their fur.  An injured older black cat with diabetes, for example, is likely to face a very difficult road to adoption.

Kiki Was Labeled Difficult at a Cat Adoption FacilityAnd sometimes, even though the humans who seek to facilitate cat adoptions are kind humans, they do not like certain felines.  This was the case with a feline that had been stuck in a cage in the cat adoption area at a Petco for two whole years.  “You don’t want her,” the humans said.  “She’s nasty!”

This feline was left in her cage, with very little interaction, because she was very aggressive and did not like it when humans tried to interact with her.  But one human saw something in this feline, and insisted on meeting her.  Within minutes, this feline, who would be given the name Kiki, was sitting in the human’s lap getting her head scratched.

The humans who ran the cat adoption group were so happy to be rid of Kiki that they didn’t even charge an adoption fee.  Nobody knew anything about Kiki other than how long she had been at the facility and her age.

The human who adopted Kiki recognized the pattern of behavior from Kiki as typical of a feline who had been abused.  And we are not talking about being yelled at, which my human sometimes does and is not abuse.  We are talking long term physical abuse that causes pain.

After investigating, Kiki’s new human learned that she had been in a home with humans who cared for her, but they did not have enough green paper things to help her when she was injured.  She was surrendered, and sadly, she was used as lab animal for four years!  It is amazing that Kiki did not lash out and attack any human who came near her after this.

Kiki’s new human refused to give up, and while it took a year, Kiki learned to trust humans again.  She became a very loving and dedicated feline.  In spite of her “nasty” label, she became a loving and affectionate feline with the right human.

Kiki enjoyed 12 fun years with her humans, until she left us due to cancer.  But she never would have been able to enjoy this life if a human didn’t still want to take Kiki home from the cat adoption place despite her being labeled a difficult cat.

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  1. Awww so happy that this human saw the beauty in Kiki! There are a few of these humans and I´m so happy they do exist!<3

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