Styrofoam Coolers Can Save Lives in Cold

The human has told me that many parts of the country are very cold.  We are very fortunate to live where we do, where Jacey and I can take little strolls out on the balcony year round without getting cold.  Here, feral cat who do not have homes have to deal with many things, but extreme weather is not one of those things.

Help protect my feral cat furiendsIn much of the country, that is not the case.  The human tells me that in the place where we used to live, it is going to drop into the single digits tonight.  That is very cold, and when it used to get that cold, even the sliding glass door for the balcony was too cold for me to want to sit by.

And as cold as that is, it is even worse in many places, where the temperatures are way below zero.  I do not even remember it being that cold for me when I was a feline living in Maryland.

A cheap styrofoam cooler can be a life saver for a feral catStill, even though I did not like the cold outside, I did not have to go there.  That is not the case for my feral cat furiends.  These poor felines need to endure these very difficult conditions.  Many humans think that we have fur, so we can handle the cold.  That is true to a point, but not when it gets as cold as it has in much of the country.

That is why I want to share a way for you humans to help feral felines who are dealing with the cold.  All you need to do is take a foam cooler, which my human tells me does not require too many green paper things.

You can tape the lid to the cooler, turn it upside down, and then cut a hole large enough for a feline to fit into in the side.  Then you can put it where the sun can warm the cooler, and where the wind does not hit the opening.

The combination of the heat from the sun and the heat from felines inside the cooler can help keep some of my feral cat furiends alive in the cold.

Please do not let our fur fool you.  When it gets as cold as it is in many places, we can freeze to death, too.  Please think of my homeless feline furiends and help them get through the winter.

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3 Replies to “Styrofoam Coolers Can Save Lives in Cold”

  1. Thank you for posting this important message to others Bagheera, as many do ignorantly assume animals are able to keep warm with just their fur coats and hunt for their own food. I find most people are open to learning the facts, but there are plenty who are too lazy, bothered to do their part to help.
    Purchasing a few of these coolers at $5-6 a piece is not a lot of money to do one’s part as a citizen. We are how we treat our fellow living beings, and it is a disgrace not to do what you can.

    1. It is understandable that some humans think that we felines, with our fur coats, can handle the cold. But when it gets too cold, even our fur coats cannot protect us!

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