Chip Allows Feline Reunion After 12 Years

Many of the cat rescue stories I share with you are of felines in very dangerous situations being rescued and cared of.  Some of them feature felines who have been injured or abused getting the help they need.

I have also shared stories of felines who have been reunited with their humans after a long period of time away from them.  But I have never shared the story of a feline who had been away for as long as Spaz was away from his human.  Spaz was lost in October of 2002.  His human tried to find him for months, but gave up towards the end of the year in 2002.

Spaz's Cat Rescue Story Took 12 Years to WriteSpaz’s human never thought she’d see him again, but she got a very big surprise when she was contacted by the humans in white coats at the West Flamingo Animal Hospital in Las Vegas.

A kind human had found Spaz, and turned him into the hospital as a stray.  “He looked rough, dirty.  He’s thin,” said one of the humans who works at the hospital.  This is not a surprise because 12 years on the streets is a very difficult life for a feline.  That is longer than outdoor cats typically live and makes this cat rescue story even more unusual!

As part of their routine procedure when a stray feline came in, the humans in white coats scanned Spaz.  The microchip led them to Spaz’s human who was shocked when she got the call that her feline companion had been found after 12 years. Spaz's Cat Rescue Story Ends With Him Reuniting with his Human

“He was found near our clinic but his people were” around 15 miles away, the animal hospital’s staff said.  Despite the wear and tear a dozen years on the street had put on Spaz, “for a 17 year old cat, he’s in pretty good shape.

Spaz’s human didn’t care what kind of shape he was in.  She was just very happy to have been reunited with the feline furiend she thought she had lost 12 years ago.  Her surprise and joy at the cat rescue story that took so long to conclude can be seen in the video.

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