Kittens Break Into Prison, Spread Cuteness

I have been informed by the human that you have a place called prison for humans who have done bad things.  Usually, he tells me, humans try to get out of there.  But that did not stop some kittens from breaking into a prison and becoming prison cats!

This happened at the Great Meadow Correctional Facility in Fort Ann, New York.  Because this facility is a maximum security facility, it is very difficult for humans who have been locked up there to get out.  But even a maximum security prison is accessible to us felines.  We are, after all, smaller, more nimble, and more agile than you humans are.

This is one of four cats who made it into the prison at Great MeadowFour kittens managed to make their way into the prison, and have since worked their way into the hearts of some of the staff and inmates.  When these felines were discovered, they were not in good shape.  They required treatment to get rid of fleas and worms.  And they needed food so kind humans fed them through milk bottles.

With some help from the humans in white coats at the Granville Veterinary Clinic, these cute prison cats recovered and are doing much better.  And many of the humans in the prison, whether they are inmates or staff, have let these felines into their heart.

The primary caretaker of these cats is an electrician who shows up an hour before his shift starts to take care of them.  “I’ve got a soft heart for any sort of animal. I don’t mind helping them out a bit,” he said.

This is a trait that some of the prisoners share.  These prison cats have a cell, too.  Unlike the humans, though, they are free to roam.  A prisoner fashioned a cat condo out of chicken wire and scrap wood.  This cage has a living area and a bathroom, and some comfortable areas for felines to relax in.

These prison cats have it better than most felines!When the staff is not around on weekends, one of the prisoners, who has been named “the cat whisperer,” takes care of them.  He speaks in Spanish to the cats — or should I say habla a espanol a los gatos?  And according to the staff, “he loves them to death.”

Because these felines are kittens, they are being kept indoors and won’t be released to wander the prison grounds until the spring.  However, the humans taking care of these felines hope they will all have homes by then.

It is very nice to know that even humans who have done bad things love us felines!

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  1. Awww I love to hear that! I think you felines are very good to inmates, because they also need someone to take care of and someone that love them unkonditionally! <3

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