Diabetic Cats, Diet, and Remission

When I first was diagnosed as a diabetic cat, the human and I were both hopeful that I would go into what is called remission.  This is when a feline with diabetes no longer requires insulin shots.  Often, this is because of a low carbohydrate diet, which reduces the spikes that can occur when carbohydrates are digested and converted into sugar.

Many diabetic cats go into remission when they are fed a low carbohydrate diet consisting entirely of wet food.  The human has tried to increase the amount of wet food that I eat, but he is not able to make it so that I eat only wet food.  I love my crunchy noms, and there are many times where I will look at a fresh new plate of wet noms, and go right to the dry noms.

The human wishes this diabetic cat would make this face after eating wet nomsHis goal was to wean me from dry noms, but since I insist on eating the wet noms, he is unable to do so.  And he has about reached the maximum portion of wet noms.  Sometimes I am very hungry and do not eat the wet noms.  I will wait until Jacey and Marley consume the wet noms and the human is forced to give me crunchy ones.

Even when diabetic cats will consume nothing but wet noms and go into remission, they can come out of it.  That was the case with one cat with feline diabetes.  He went in for a dental cleaning, which is something that many cats need.  During the cleaning, he was given an injection of a long lasting steroid.

Steroids are bad news for diabetics, whether they are human or feline.  These cause the glucose level to skyrocket.  In the case of the cat who received the injection, he started to flood the litter box and guzzle down water.  A blood sugar test was performed, and the poor cat had a blood sugar level in the 400s.

One of the humans in white coats consulted with the human caretakers of this feline and came up with some tips to help keep diabetic cats in remission:

  • Good oral care is important.  Without cleanings when needed, infections can result.  These can lead to insulin resistance and a high blood sugar level
  • Maintain a healthy weight.  Obesity is one of the leading causes of diabetes in both humans and felines.
  • Continue feeding a diabetic cat in remission low carbohydrate wet food.  If I ever go into remission, the human will do this.
  • Avoid steroids.  While these medications have many uses, they are bad news for cats with diabetes.  They cause insulin resistance.

Diabetic cats who are not in remission must endure thisHopefully, someday, the human will have to do these things for me.  I do not think so which means I likely will have to endure ear sticks and injections for the rest of my life.  But I tolerate them from the human because I know he is only trying to help.

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2 Replies to “Diabetic Cats, Diet, and Remission”

  1. I wish my diabetic cats were this easy. One has to take a steroid daily even though he has diabetes for his pancreas. And then other is very overweight from Acromegaly. They are actually both regulated now, but each are special cases. This is great information for people who are just discovering their cat is diabetic. Thanks for sharing!!

    Merry and Pippin, two kitties with diabetes

  2. I just put this page to a friend that have a diabetic cat. She collapsed yesterday because of too low sugar. I thought this side would be interesting for the human to read. I do also think it´s interesting, because I learn a lot about everything! <3 Thank you for posting all this to us! <3

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