A Little Drama in a Diabetic Cat’s Home

“Human!  Human!  Come here, quickly!”

“What is it, Jacey?”

Jacey Warns the Human that Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is in Marley's Crate“Hurry!  Bagheera is in Marley’s dog crate and she does not like it at all.”

The human often doesn’t listen to Jacey, because she is always talking.  But this got his attention and he rushed over to see what was happening.

He took a look, and yes, I was in Marley’s crate.  And Marley was not happy about it.

“Bagheera!  What are you doing in there?  Marley is not happy with you right now and you need to leave her alone.  And if you are not careful, she will scratch you and the blood I draw for your blood tests because you’re a diabetic cat will be nothing!”

“Human, I am trying to be friends with Marley.  She has to learn that I do not mean her any harm.  You always call me a sugar cat because I’m diabetic and my blood sugar is too high.  I’m trying to show Marley that I am a sweet and friendly cat!”

“Bagheera, that’s great, but you have to accept that right now you are pushing her further than she wants to go.  She is growling at you.  She’s not happy.  Right, Marley?”

Marley was not Happy When Bagheera the Diabetic Cat entered her Crate“Yes, human.  I go in here when I want to be left alone, and Bagheera is annoying me.  Can you get him out of the crate?  I don’t mind it when he’s outside, but he is too close to me right now and he’s making me nervous and angry.  I’m trying to warn him but he is ignoring me.”

“Did you hear that, Bagheera?  You need to leave the crate.”

“But I just want to be friends, human.  I do not want to hurt Marley.”

“Marley is a shy cat, Bagheera.  Right, Marley?”

“I am not shy, human.  I just do not like to be too close to other cats.  I do not mind being in this crate with the other cats near me but I don’t like to be too close to them.  I know that I must adapt, but you think I came from a home where I was the only cat because of this.”

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Decided to Walk Away“Well, Marley, I don’t know.  Bagheera, you need to leave Marley alone for a while.  And it’s time for you to get your insulin anyway.  Come and get your wet noms.  They’re good for diabetic cats like you and this stress is not good for your blood sugar levels.”

“Okay, human.  Okay.”

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3 Replies to “A Little Drama in a Diabetic Cat’s Home”

  1. Awww Bagheera! You have to do just as I have to, stay calm all the time, not getting upset. Sweet one I hope that Marley soon will become good friends with you, but maybe best to let her be on her own until she desides you´re not that dangerous. Just take care Bagheera! <3

    1. Today Marley came out from under the bed and she back in the cage. The human closed the door so that I could not bother her any more. He also bought some Feliway and he hopes that will calm her down. She is right next to it so if anyone is going to calm down because of it, it will be her.

      1. I do also hope Feliway will calm Marley down. Hope soon she will be fine with you talking to her and wanting to be furiends with her! Keeping my fingers crossed <3

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