Calico Cat Named Kiki Rescued and Adopted

When I am not busy trying to become furiends with Marley and inadvertently annoying her, I like to share cat rescue stories with you.  A lot of times, these cat rescue stories start out with a human finding a cat who is outside, and deciding that they will help.  Eventually, the human finds room in their heart and their home for the feline.

Kiki's Cat Rescue Story Starts with Her Going into a Shelter Like ThisThat is what happened in Kiki’s cat rescue story.  Kiki is a calico who was seen going to a wooden crate some humans set up as a shelter for outdoor felines.  These humans made sure there was always water and noms for the feral cats in their area.

Something was different about Kiki when she arrived.  She was much friendlier and more open to human interaction than the other felines who would go to this shelter.  For about a week, when the humans went to put water and noms in the crate, Kiki was at the door, sleeping and waiting for the humans.

Kiki's Cat Rescue Story is a Happy OneThe humans were not looking for another four legged member of the family, and one of them had an allergic reaction to cats when she was younger.  It looked like Kiki was going to be a very friendly outdoor cat who the humans enjoyed interacting with, but it did not look like she was going to be a cat with an indoor home.

That changed when it was very rainy and cold one day, and the humans felt sorry for Kiki.  They brought her inside and unlike a feral cat, she was very friendly and loved interacting with them.  This is when the humans knew that she had been in a home with humans before.

They decided to keep her, and one of the first things they did was to give Kiki a bath.  Then they took her to the humans in white coats to make sure she was healthy and to get her spayed.  When everything turned out okay, they gave Kiki a furever home.

This cat rescue story’s last chapter was written six years ago, and the humans who rescued Kiki say that she’s “so sweet” and that she “rules the house.”

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