Rescued Cat Finn Needs Help Finding A Home

Yesterday, I shared a happy cat rescue story with you, where Kiki worked her way into a human’s heart and home.  I am hopeful that we can write another happy cat rescue story for a special needs cat named Finn.

Finn is a blind cat who waLet's Help Finish Finn's Cat Rescue Storys found and turned in to West Hartford Animal Control.  He was hit by a car, and was found on the side of the road.  You humans say that we felines have nine lives.  Well, it’s clear that Finn used up one of this lives when he survived being hit by the  car and was scooped up and taken to the shelter.

When Finn was taken to the humans in white coats, they said that he was severely malnourished.  This malnutrition has sadly cost Finn his sight, which makes Finn a special needs cat just like me.  In addition to his blindness, Finn also suffers from bone deformities.

Many humans will be afraid of adopting Finn because he is blind.  But there are so many felines out there, like Magoo and Homer, who lived long and healthy lives despite being blind.  Homer even helped protect his human from an intruder by scaring the intruder out of the house by growling and attacking him despite not being able to see!

I already have as many felines in my house as I can handle, plus Finn is too far away for me to ask the human to travel.  But I am sure that there are some humans who have room in their houses and hearts  for my fellow special needs cat.

Is it possible that we can find a way to complete the cat rescue story that’s being written right now?  If there’s room for this handsome ginger boy in your home and your heart, please contact West Hartford Animal Control.  If not, please share the story so that we can help him find one.

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5 Replies to “Rescued Cat Finn Needs Help Finding A Home”

  1. Special needs felines like you Bagheera and my angel Phoebe, my angel Černy, and current mancat Kaspars, have won my heart for life. Finn is a handsome ginger who anyone would be lucky to have. Thank you for sharing stories of these wonderful souls, I will share his info.

  2. Wish I lived closer! Hope he find a furever home soon sweet baby! I did put it on my timeline so that everyone of my friends will see it and maybe know someone that would like to adopt him! <3

  3. Update on Finn – Protectors of Animals in East Hartford, CT, picked up Finn from the vet on Tuesday, He had received excellent care since the ACO rescued him. His deformities are from malnutrition and he showed no signs of being hit by a car. He is in my home now for foster care – he needs some tender care and good nutrition. Finn is a very sweet guy who craves human contact. At first he would only eat from my hand, but now will eat from the bowl with a little encouragement. He loves his soft bed and his stuffed mouse. You can see pictures of him on Protectors of Animals Facebook page. He is not currently available for adoption because he is weak from malnutrition. Please contact me at [email protected] if you want more info or have questions.

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