Frozen Cat Tundra Recovers from Injuries

I recently shared the story of Frosty the Frozen Kitten with you.  She is recovering and doing well, and she is a feisty little kitten.

You can hear Frosty growling at the new toy, which she does not like yet.  She is definitely a feisty one, which is probably why she survived her ordeal.

Another cat rescue story is being written for a frozen kitten.  Like Frosty, this cat almost lost his life due to the cold.  And just like Frosty, he was rescued and taken to the humans in white coats, where his recovery began.

Tundra Shares His Happy Cat Rescue StoryTundra was found near death, with frostbitten paws and an ear turned black due to the cold.  One of the humans in white coats at the Bay East Veterinary Hospital said “he was the worst case of frostbite I’ve ever seen” in 15 years of veterinary practice.  Poor Tundra was injured by temperatures ranging from a low of -12 Fahrenheit to a high of 4.

Since being rescued, Tundra has gained a full pound.  His paw pads were all frostbitten, and due to the pain, he sometimes stands on his hind legs to eat.  But happily, he will not lose any of his paws due to his injuries.

But Tundra still has challenges to overcome before his cat rescue story can be completed.  He is getting laser treatments to help his wounds recover.  And this naturally is going to require lots of green paper things.  So far, his treatment has cost around $1,000, and it’s likely the total will be at $1,700 by the time he’s ready to go to a furever home.

Not much is know about Tundra, but he did have a human caretaker at one point.  His front paws have been declawed.  And he is also neutered.  Nobody knows if Tundra escaped, was lost, or abandoned.  News that a lost cat had been found was released, but the humans who responded were not Tundra’s humans.

Tundra’s cat rescue story will not be completed until his healing is complete.  Then he will be up for adoption, and when he goes to his furever home, he will not have to worry about being stuck in the cold anymore.

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