A Diabetic Cat and Blood Glucose Readings

The thing that is most annoying about being a diabetic cat is the constant testing of my blood sugar so that the proper dosing of insulin can be determined.  The human has changed things up quite a bit, and is now trying to keep my insulin doses as consistent as possible.

We Diabetic Cats Must Endure This Twice a DayBefore, there was quite a big discrepancy between the dose I would get if my blood sugar was high and what I would get when it was low.  Now, the human has made it so that there is only a one unit fluctuation between the dose I get when my blood sugar is very high and what I get when it’s lower.

Here’s how I’m dosed:

  • Below 50 — no insulin because the risk of me going into insulin shock is too high
  • 51-150 — 5.5 units.  Oh, if only this diabetic cat would have blood sugar readings here all the time.  Both the human and I would be very happy
  • 151-250 — six units.  Most of my readings have been in this range.  It’s not ideal, but it’s still not high enough for me to have to deal with the worst effects of insulin.
  • Over 250 — 6.5 units.  Here, the human and I are hoping we can keep it below 300, because that is where bad things start to happen to diabetic cats.

The past 50 readings have ranged from a low of 71, with a high of 392.  Even the high was much lower than the 500 where my blood sugar was when I was first diagnosed as a diabetic cat. The Insulin Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Gets

My average blood sugar over the past 50 readings has been 241.  The human is going to stick with the dosing we have for now, but if I do not get lower readings, he is thinking of upping the dosing by half a unit.

He wants to keep my dosing relatively consistent, and with a one unit spread between the highest and lowest dosing, he thinks he has.

If anyone who has some expertise in feline diabetes has some suggestions, the human and I would be happy to hear them.

Thanks for your continued well wishes.  I send you happy paw taps and head bonks for caring about this diabetic cat!

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