Tenth Life Helps Special Needs Cat Chryssi

Feline fanciers everywhere should become familiar with Tenth Life Cats.  This organization, whose most famous alumni is Lincoln, The Formerly Quadriplegic Miracle Kitty, helps cats in the St. Louis area.  They take on cases that many other organizations are not well equipped to handle.

Lincoln’s human is one of the heroes of this group.  If she just nursed Lincoln back to health, that would have been enough.  But she has helped many other felines, and I would be wrong if I did not mention her contributions to Tenth Life.

Chryssi Is A Special Needs Cat that Tenth Life HelpedChryssi was not one of the felines that Lincoln’s human helped, but her story is a very special one.  We felines are known for having big eyes.  The size of our eyes is much bigger in proportion to our face than yours are.

But even for a feline, Chryssi’s eyes are huge.  This cat was living on the streets, but she had some humans who also did not have homes who were taking care of her.  They knew something was wrong because her eyes were just too large for even a feline.  That is why they brought her to Tenth Life Cats.

The kind humans at Tenth Life are always happy when they are brought a feline who needs special attention.  They were even more happy when they saw Chryssi, because they knew she needed help.  They rushed her to the humans in white coats to see what was going on with her eyes.  The pressure in her eyes was more than twice the norm.

Special Needs Cat Chryssi's Eyes Before and After Tenth Life HelpedA white coated human who specializes in eyes saw Chryssi, and put her on medications to ease the pressure.  Since then, the excessive pressure has been relieved, and both Chryssi’s eyes and her sight have been saved.  On top of that, Chryssi was undernourished, and she has quadrupled her weight since Tenth Life took her in.

This special needs cat only needs one more visit to the specialist, and then she will be ready for adoption.  What a great story from the kind humans at Tenth Life!

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  1. Tenth Life is the best! Anyone who helps cats with special needs is a hero to me, having been the proud human Mom to 5 ladycats with special needs who are angels at the Bridge and currently to one mancat with special needs here with me. These cats whether their special needs are medical, physical, emotional/psychological, behavioral, or social are deserving of our love, care, and a forever home. Dealing with a cat’s special need is not always easy for the human or the cat, but the joy and unconditional love far that you receive outweighs any difficult time. I’m certain my fellow parent humans to these worthy and wonderful kitties, like those of Lincoln and Bagheera, would agree.

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