What Prompts Peeing Outside of the Box?

The human told me that one of the very few things that I have done that mad him very angry at me was when I went outside of the box.  The human said that I cost him many green paper things at the last place we lived, because I made it so that the carpet had to be replaced.  That got me thinking that I should tell you humans about what things cause us felines to stop using the litter box.  Most importantly, is peeing outside of the box a reason for us to see the humans in white coats?

If we do not use the litter box, it may be time to take us to the veterinarianThere are many things that make us felines go outside of the litter box.  In my case, Jacey would ambush me and the cover over the box made it impossible for me to see her coming.  I did not like being ambushed, so I started to go outside of the litter box.  The human took the lid off, and I started using the box again.  I did not have to go to the veterinarian in that case.

In another situation, the white watery litter box that you humans sit on was making strange noises.  And my litter box was right next to it.  The strange noises startled me, and made me not want to use the litter box.

In both of my cases, a trip to the humans in white coats was not needed.  But sometimes, inappropriate urination means a feline needs to take a trip to the veterinarian.

Inappropriate urination can be a sign of a urinary tract infection.  If this is not treated, the infection can spread to the kidneys.  That will cause a condition called sepsis.  Or, the infection can cause the urinary tract to get blocked, which means urine cannot be eliminated.  Either of these conditions can be fatal.

If you see any of these signs, it’s time to take your feline to the veterinarian:

  • Going outside of the litter box if it’s never happened before
  • Frequent or painful urination
  • Excessive grooming of the genitals
  • Urine that smells like ammonia
  • Increased thirst

Your Cat Should go to the Veterinarian if There are these SymptomsWe felines generally do not like the humans in white coats, but if you see these signs, take us anyway.  It is better to force us to see the veterinarian than to lose us to a fatal infection or urinary tract blockage!

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