Felines Sticking Their Butts In the Air

We felines often do things that confuse you humans.  Yesterday I shared with you information about why we knock things down.  I have also talked about some reasons we might go outside of the litter box.  Today I want to share with you the reasons behind another interesting aspect of cat behavior.

You probably have noticed that we like to stick out butts in the air.  If you pet us, often, that’s one of the things that happens.  If you are like my human, you probably wonder why we felines do this.

Make sure you pet us in the right spots to avoid negative cat behaviorAnd of course, you humans see us display this cat behavior, where we elevate our butt towards you, and you think that we want to be pet there.  Well, as the chart shows, this can result in an angry cat and a confused human.

Most of us felines, despite our quirky cat behavior of elevating our butts when we are happy, do not like it when you pet us there.  It is a sensitive area for us.  Because it is sensitive, it’s an area that stimulates us, both positively and negatively.

Sometimes, the combination of positive and negative stimulation can trigger an aggressive response.  You have heard that some of us felines get overstimulated and bite you in response.  My human’s hand bears the scars of this happening.  He tolerates it, but other humans may not want to, and it’s bad if we do this to a small human.

Elevator Butt is a very Quirky Cat BehaviorYou should consider us giving you the elevator butt the same type of cat behavior as us showing you our stomachs.  Both of these behaviors mean we trust and we like you.  But it is not an invitation for you to touch us in those areas.

I hope this saves your human hands from scratches and your heads from having to wonder why we display affectionate behavior but then end up biting you.

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  1. Oh thanks Bagheera for telling me this. Didn´t know that it could upset you also to be petted at the back part. Ours usually sleep with their stomach up and don´t mind us petting it and the same with the back part also. They have never showed any bad things when being petted there… =) Guess they trust us so much that they don´t mind =)

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