Sick Humans, Diabetic Cats, and Purring

“Human, you do not look good.  I think you are sick.”

“Yes, Bagheera, I am.  How did you know this?”

A Diabetic Cat's Human is Sick“You humans do not give us enough credit.  Just because you missed all of the signs of me being a diabetic cat does not mean that we felines will do the same for you.  Remember when you had your shoulders operated on?   Both times, I knew there was something wrong with you and came to make you feel better.”

“But today I didn’t smell funny from the operating room like I did back then.  How did you know?”

“I just knew.  And so did Jacey.  Right, Jacey?”

“Bagheera is right, human.  Why do you think I have been sitting near you all day long and purring?  And did you know that purring can help cure ailments for not just felines, but humans?”

“I did not know that, Jacey.  Does this mean that Bagheera and you want me to feel better?”

“Yes, human.  It will get you out of our fur when you go to that thing you call work.  We love having you around, but we felines need our privacy, you know.”

There is some evidence that our purring is helpful to you humans.  Our purrs range in frequency from 20-140 hertz, and nearby humans may be benefiting from these vibrations!

Feline purrs have been linked to the following benefits in humans:

  • Reduced stress — petting a purring cat reduces stress in humans
  • Relieving dyspnea, or shortness of breath
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Purring frequency helps heal bones
  • Humans with feline companions have a 40 percent lower risk of heart attacks
  • The vibrations from purring help fight infections and inflamation
  • Purring helps heal ligaments, tendons, and muscles

It seems like this diabetic cat helps the human more than he helps me!

I think I should tell the human that he is not allowed to complain about the extra care that’s needed because I am a diabetic cat.  With all of the benefits my purrs provide to him, he is coming out way ahead.

Felines are often good for the mental health of the humans who they live with.  Now we know there are physical benefits, too!

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  1. Awww Bagheera I know that you felines are best for us humans! Thank you for showing it like this so I can share with my friends =) <3

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