My Fellow Diabetic Cat Chubby Has Left Us

I am always happy when I hear from Diabetic Cats in Need that one of their sugar cats has been adopted.  That was the case about six months ago, when Chubby was adopted.

Diabetic Cat Chubby Enjoying his Piggy BedThis kind sugar cat did not have one of the humans in white coats diagnose him as a diabetic cat.  Instead, his human decided that he had diabetes and started treating him with insulin.  Even though it is better to see the humans in white coats before starting to treat us, Chubby was still a healthy indoor/outdoor cat.  That changed when his human got sick.

Another human tried to take care of Chubby, but she wasn’t able to do it every day, and she was going to go away for the summer.  That is when Chubby went to Diabetic Cat Chubby Has Left UsDiabetic Cats in Need.  He found a human who took him in and gave him the attention he needed.

It was a perfect environment for Chubby.  This human had other diabetic cats, and she had things set up so they could be indoor/outdoor cats.  There was a backyard enclosure that the felines could get to through a door in the garage.  Chubby needed some help with this, though, because he fit his name.

A change in diet did Chubby a lot of good.  Chubby’s new human gave him a low carbohydrate wet food, and tested his blood sugar frequently.  She only had to give him three shots of insulin before his blood sugar levels were down to normal levels.

Diabetic Cat Chubby Earned His NameThis was a wonderful development for Chubby.  Before he was taken in by Diabetic Cats in Need and found a home, his original human could not bear to see Chubby get sicker.  To keep Chubby from suffering, he was prepared to perform the final act of love a human can show a feline.

Happily, that did not have to happen.  And even though Chubby only got to enjoy around six months with his last human, that time was very happy for him.  His time with his last human was short, but it was as good as any feline could ask for.

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3 Replies to “My Fellow Diabetic Cat Chubby Has Left Us”

  1. Thank you for sharing Chubby’s story. He was a special boy that stole hearts quickly. I am so sorry his new Mom didn’t get near enough time with him.

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