Felines, Noms, Noises, and Funny Videos

“Human, why are you laughing?”

“Hi, Bagheera.  I’m laughing because of this video.  It’s a great example of cat humor.”

“That’s a feline eating, human.  Why do you think it’s so funny?”

“Bagheera, do you, Jacey, or Marley make noises like that when you eat?”

“No, we do not.”

This Feline Must Have Seen Some Good Cat Humor“Well, that’s a good example of cat humor, because most felines do not make that noise.  You, Jacey, and Marley do not, and the only noise I hear from you when you eat is the sound of the crunchy food being crushed or you licking up the wet food.  No funny noise like that.  You guys need to show a little more cat humor.”

“Human, I can talk more.  Then some of what I say will be funny.  Would that be cat humor, human?”

“Jacey, only if it’s funny.  Like that cat eating.”

“I don’t understand this thing called cat humor, human.”

“You don’t have to, Jacey.  It’s mostly for humans to get.  Here’s another example of it.”

“Those are more felines enjoying their noms, human.  Why do you think that is is funny?”

“Bagheera, it’s because it’s unusual and very cute.  So these felines, while we humans are laughing when we see them, are acting in a way that we humans find endearing.  It’s very cute.”

“Does that mean you do not think we are being silly and dumb, human?”

“The felines in these videos are being a little silly, Jacey, but we do not think they are being dumb.  They are just being cute.”

“We don’t have to make strange noises for us to think we are cute, do we, human?”

“Of course not, Bagheera.  But we like it when cute animals say nom nom nom.  In fact, there is a human who made a song that’s called Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom.  You might like it.”

“Human, Bagheera, Marley and I all think you are strange creatures.  Leave the cat humor to the cats, okay?”

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