Bagheera the Diabetic Cat’s 3/23 Readings

Hello, furiends.  Another week has past and it is time for me to give you the glucose readings for the past week.  As you know, diabetic cats like me need to stay on top of these.  We don’t want to see our blood sugar levels get too high, but we also don’t want to go into a hypoglycemic state.  That can be life threatening.

The human and I would like to see a steady, consistent blood sugar level, even if it is slightly high.  Unfortunately, that is not what I’ve been seeing lately.  I see pretty significant peaks and valleys.  We are on the blood sugar roller coaster.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Does Not Like It when His Blood Sugar Readings Do This

Neither the human nor I like being on this blood sugar roller coaster.  Well, actually, it’s the human who is the most concerned.  When I get on this roller coaster, I do not stay at a high level long enough for serious complications diabetic cats are at risk for to occur.  And I do not get hypoglycemic, so that is not a problem, either.

I think it hurts the human’s pride when he cannot keep my blood sugar at a consistent level.  He tries so hard to keep it where he wants it to be, but it does not cooperate.

During the last week, my blood sugar was lower than last week.  My average reading for the week was 213.  The low reading was one where I flirted with becoming hypoglycemic, when my blood sugar level dropped to 41.  The human did not give me any insulin because he was worried, and naturally, my blood sugar rebounded.  It jumped all the way to 381 after that incident.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Glucose Readings

The human and I will continue to work together to try to keep my glucose readings where they should be.  This is an ongoing challenge for a diabetic cat.  Consistent dosing and monitoring is they key to getting me where I need to be.

The human knows he must do this keep me healthy, and he accepts that’s what diabetic cats need.  But I know I sometimes frustrate him even though he loves me.

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3 Replies to “Bagheera the Diabetic Cat’s 3/23 Readings”

  1. Oh sweet Bagheera, I do have the same problem, the roller coaster! I guess your human had you to eat something to get the sugar up and even if it was low before eating it go up. Have he learnt how many calories everything is what you eat? Also if you get frustrated, angry or nervous your blood level goes up. It´s very difficult to calculate these things so I don´t envy your human! Hope it get better soon! Hugs to you sweetie! <3

    1. The human is working very hard and he gets frustrated, but his main concern is making sure I am healthy and happy. He does not like having to deal with this, but it is part of what he has accepted as the human responsible for a diabetic cat.

  2. Awww Bagheera, your human is not frustrated with you, he gets frustrated with the diabetes. You are not responsible for your disease, it is one doctors and researchers have fought for decades. I can sympathize with your human as when Ms. Phoebe was alive I used to get so angry and frustrated at the auto immune disease she had and the health problems it caused. It also caused me to worry, for just like your human feels when your diabetes flares up, I would become upset that Phoebe’s disease might take her life. I wanted her to be well and with me for as long as possible, just like your human wants for you.

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