Happy News About a Fellow Diabetic Cat

Furiends, I always enjoy sharing news of special needs felines who get adopted.  Today, I get to share the story of a diabetic cat in Oklahoma who was adopted, in part due to my good furiend Lucky sharing his story.

Say Hi to My Fellow Diabetic Cat CaponeIt is difficult for special needs cats like me to find homes, whether it’s because we have feline diabetes or because of other conditions.  We require extra attention and typical need more green paper things to be spent on our care.  Many humans simply cannot make the commitment, both in time and money, to take care of a special needs cat.  That is why Diabetic Cats in Needs continues to have so many felines who are looking for homes.

And that is why I always am very happy when a human makes the commitment to adopt a special needs cat.  That is what happened with a feline named Capone.  Lucky shared the story of this handsome Maine Coon, who must fight the battle against feline diabetes like I do.  But like me, he has a few extra weapons to fight with.  Lucky thinks that Capone is a polydactyl, just like me.

Capone the Maine Coon is Diabetic and PolydactylCapone also seems to share some personality traits with me.  Like me, he is mellow, but very playful and loving.  He’s also very good with people.  That led the City of Moore Animal Shelter, where Capone was temporarily living, to call him a “very very cool cat.”

That is interesting because my human’s mother used to call me “cool cat.”  I hope that Capone gets on Facebook, so we can become furiends.  We do seem to have a lot in common.

The most important thing we have in common, though, is not our diabetes, our polydactylism, or the nicknames given to us.  It is that we have a furever home with a human who has made the extra commitment to take care of a diabetic cat.

That makes me very happy.  In celebration, I am going to go attack the red dot because the human has let it out!

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