Bear the Canine Bravely Fighting Cancer

You humans tell stories about how we felines do not get along with canines.  I have been told that there is a phrase “fighting like cats and dogs.”  Well, I do not fight with my fellow four legged creatures, and I am happy to share stories of special needs pets of the canine variety.

That is why I am happy to share the story of Bear with you.  He’s a mix between a lab and husky, with some German shepherd and chow possibly mixed in.  He is definitely the opposite from me, Jacey, and Marley because we are all purebred bengals!

Unlike the three of us, Bear had a very difficult start to his life.  He had been hit by a car.  His right front leg and paw were shattered and heSpecial Needs Pet Bear In Happier Times had been hurt so badly that his internal organs were hanging out of his body.  Despite this, Bear was still happy and playful!

His human decided that she had to have this special needs pet.  She worked out something with the shelter that was caring for Bear where she paid half of the $1,500 that was required to save him, and they paid the other half.

Bear knew he was a special needs pet and that he had been rescued, and he showered his human with love.  She returned the love to him, taking him to play in the snow, and on the beach.  All his human had to do is say the word beach or put on her bathing suit, and Bear would start to whine, saying take me to the beach!

His human was warned that Bear’s life would be cut short due to his injuries and the surgery that fixed them.  She knew this, but for nine years, they were best friends.  Bear outlived the estimates of the humans in white coats, but sadly, there was something growing inside of him that will take his life.

Bear’s human noticed that he was coughing and losing weight.  She took him to the humans in white coats, and his diagnosis was grim.  Bear had kidney and lung cancer.  His human took Bear to his favorite place right away, and they played and laughed even though his human was very sad.

The news got even worse, as the humans in white coatSpecial Needs Pet Bear Before Chemotherapys learned that Bear’s cancer was in a place where they could not operate.  His human, wanting desperately to give Bear the help he needed, tried chemotherapy.  But after several sessions, she could not stand to see her good friend Bear suffering from the diarrhea, vomiting, and lethargy that the chemotherapy caused.

Since ending the chemotherapy a few months ago, Bear’s tumor has gotten much bigger.  It will eventually take his life, but he is with his family and he is fighting every step of the way.  His human is hopeful that Bear will be able to be her ring bearer at her wedding in May of next year.

Despite the sad way Bear’s story will end, with cancer taking his life, it’s a very happy one.  Bear is a special needs pet who has always walked with a limp, and who has one front leg that’s shorter than the other.  Special Needs Pet Bear and His Human Raising Awarenes of CancerBut his human wouldn’t have it any other way, and has shown him lots of love.  He’s done the same for her.

Bear wants to do one last thing for not just special needs pets like me and him, but for all pets.

Please make sure you take us to the humans in white coats because cancer can strike any of us.  It will strike one out of three dogs.  Half of the dogs it strikes will lose the battle.  And around half of dogs over ten will get cancer.   If it’s caught early, there’s a much better chance of beating it.

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7 Replies to “Bear the Canine Bravely Fighting Cancer”

  1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for writing this piece of my Bear, it made me cry. There is nothing wrong with special needs animals and I don’t understand why people think that, in fact I feel sometimes they give out more love to us because we look past that and have rescued their lives. Amazing the things we will do for our family, I know that I would do anything for Bear and I can see by Bagheera’s story you do the same. Thank you again, keep going strong Bagheera!

    1. I was happy to share Bear’s story. He is a very brave canine.

      I hope that your dear furiend Bear is able to be there for you at your wedding. I do not think I would be a good ring bearer if my human ever gets married. I think I might enjoy batting the rings around too much.

  2. Sorry I´m halp asleep while I write, so I notice that my comment became very strange =). I meant to say! : Awww sweetest Bear! happy he can stay the rest of his living days with them and they don´t need to do anything about it” keeping fingers crossed for them! <3

    1. His humans will be there for him all the way. And if it comes down to them needing to make that very difficult decision to show love to their Bear one last time, they will. I hope that he is able to celebrate his human’s special day with her!

      1. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that he´ll be able to celebrate his human´s special day! I thank God there is good humans like her! I would also do the last sign of love to my boys if and when that happens. I´ll be there with them til the end! <3

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