Cat Saves Diabetic Girl From Hypoglycemia

Because I am a diabetic cat, one of the things the human has to constantly be alert for is hypoglycemia.  It’s said that hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar kills slowly but hypoglycemia kills quickly.  This is not just true for diabetic cats, but it is true for humans as well.

This is why the human must test my blood sugar at least twice a day.  It’s the only way he can be sure that my blood sugar doesn’t get too low.  So I endure the ear sticks because it’s something I must accept, otherwise, the human wouldn’t be able to make sure I am safe.

Diabetic humans must also be tested to make sure their blood sugar stays at safe levels.  And there is a very special cat who makes this much easier for the humans he shares his home with.

Pippa Isn't a Diabetic Cat.  She Has Saved her Diabetic Human!A black and white cat named Pippa was adopted from the RSPCA last summer.  These kind humans gave Pippa a much better home than she had before, when she was found abandoned in a cardboard box outside a store.

Since then, Pippa has performed many rescues for her humans.  In the home she shares with her humans, there is a small human who is diabetic.  Pippa, for whatever reason, is able to sense when the small humans blood sugar levels are too low, and she alerts her humans to the problem.

When Pippa senses that the small human, who is prone to hypoglycemic episodes in her sleep, is in danger, she will go to the larger humans and wake them up.  Pippa “really makes her presence felt.  She won’t take no for an answer.  She knows it’s important I get up and help,” said one of the humans.

Pippa has alerted her humans to the dangerously low blood sugar levels of the small human at least 20 times.  These humans rescued her, and she is returning the favor by rescuing the small human!

I often tell you about how my human takes care of me, a diabetic cat.  Now we have a story of a cat taking care of a diabetic human!

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2 Replies to “Cat Saves Diabetic Girl From Hypoglycemia”

  1. I love stories like this, although most of the time they are about dogs not felines with this talent so it is nice to see one that celebrates a cat. I agree that this kitty is showing her love and gratitude to her family for saving her life by helping to save her little human’s. I’m sure both were meant to be brought together making them an example of a family that truly loves and respects every member- be they human or feline.

  2. Love this story, because this is just what one of my cats did one night with me. When he got me up out of bed, he sat with me until I was back to normal and started smelling “usual” =) Our 4-legged friends are worth gold! <3

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