A Diabetic Cat’s Visitor Now Has Freedom

“Human, do you think what I did for April Fool’s was funny?”

“Well, it kind of was, Bagheera, but you probably got a lot of people excited about how things are working out with Marley.”

“That’s always a challenge with cat adoptions, though, human.  How will the new arrival and the resident cats get along?”

“Not with you and Jacey.  You two and the resident cat got along very quickly.”

“Human, those were ideal cat adoption outcomes.  Marley is different.  She is shy.”

“You’re right, but you should tell your fans about what’s happening with her.  No jokes this time.”

Yesterday, I told you that I had a video of me, Jacey, and Marley playing.  I really didn’t, and I pulled a Rick Roll on you.  But that was my way of teasing you, because there really is some good news about Marley.

Marley's Cat Adoption is ProceedingThe human took down the crate that had separated Jacey and me from Marley.  If you remember, he got it because he did not like Marley hiding under the bed.  He definitely didn’t like her climbing into the box spring, because that made it difficult for him to interact with her.

The human got a new bed and mattress set and he decided that since Marley could not get into the new box spring, it would be okay to get rid of the crate.

In order to do this, first he had to capture Marley and put her in the cage that we use when it is time to go to the humans in white coats.  She did not like it, and complained.  He told her to calm down, and took down the crate.  Then he rearranged things so that she would be able to wander around but still have areas to retreat.

Then he opened the cage, and Jacey, the human and I watched to see how Marley would react.  She hopped out of the cage, and walked over to where the crate used to be.  She sniffed around, and then hopped right back up onto the cat tree that used to be in the crate.

Marley's Cat Adoption Story Is Moving AlongWe were all worried that she would go hiding under the bed.  Marley hasn’t.  Instead, she acts as if the crate is still there.  That is her safe area, regardless of whether the crate is up or not.  But now she has much more freedom to roam!

That is progress in this cat adoption.  Neither the human, Jacey, or me expected it to take so long.  We were spoiled by how well the cat adoptions of me and Jacey went, and we are not used to a shy cat.

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One Reply to “A Diabetic Cat’s Visitor Now Has Freedom”

  1. MEWYAY for Marley! She is making progress and you mancats and man human giving her the time and space she needs to feel safe shows how understanding and compassionate you are. I had a tuxedo ladycat who went to the Bridge over eleven years ago before Ms. Phoebe adopted me, and her name was Livy. She was rescued from a hoarding situation and although 2 yrs old looked no more than 6 months because sadly her growth was stunted from not enough food and nutrition as a kit. I had no idea what to expect from her as she seemed nervous and shy when I first met her, but I chalked it up to her being in a new home. That first night when let out of her carrier, she ran terrified to the bedroom and under my bed.
    I naively thought she would calm down and come out in a few days, so I placed a litter box and some toys, a blankie, food and water under the bed for the time being. Well, that ‘few days’ turned in to 2 months before she would even come out and sit on the bed and allow me to pet her briefly, only to run back under when she heard a noise or something moved too fast for her. I was frustrated, thinking this would go on forever.
    An instinct in me told me to put myself in her position from where she had come from, and it clicked for both of us. I chilled out, let her take the lead and she definitely felt the difference and my nerves having stopped influencing bers allowed her to trust me more, and within our first 6 months together she began to blossom. She grew confident to leave the bedroom, then be out in the open in the living room and then conquered the whole house. Her normal quiet self revealed a darling chattery personality as she learned to play, climb, snuggle for the first time in her life. It was like watching a kit discover the world, even though she was 2 yrs old. It angered me someone had terrorized, neglected, and stunted her physical, emotional, social health, yet was endearing watching her become a trusting, loving, funny, and mischievous jewelery/pencil/paper/sock/utensil stealing cat!
    I have no doubt if you keep doing what you all are doing, in time Marley will warm up, trust you more and even let you see her true personality. She may never be a social butterfly, always be somewhat cautious but she is showing good progress that is proof her issues are not permanent. She wants to show you how appreciative she is for not leaving her behind in that cage, giving up on her so that she has a safe, loving forever family. That day will come, she just has to become confident to do it in her own way and time.
    Keep moving forward Marley, you are a treasure worth waiting for.

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