Michigan Cat Rescue’s Gretchen Sprains Leg

I have shared the story of many felines that Michigan Cat Rescue has helped.  Remember the story of the poor feline who was put in a taped up box labeled garbage before she was saved?  They do so much good for so many of my fellow felines that it’s very easy to like them.

Michigan Cat Rescue is Helping GretchenRecently, they got a scare when one of the felines they had rescued, a girl named Gretchen, landed awkwardly after jumping and injured her rear leg.  You humans have a saying that cats always land on our feet.  Well, it is true that we generally land on our feet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we will not be injured.

And that is what happened to poor Gretchen.  In that way, while we may be more graceful than you humans, we can also be injured from an awkward landing.

Michigan Cat Rescue did exactly the same thing as what a human would do if their leg was injured.  They went to the humans in white coats for an x-ray.  Of course, for a small cat rescue group without a lot of green paper things, this unexpected bill was a hardship.  But they managed to find the funds to pay for it. Michigan Cat Rescue's Gretchen has a Sprained Knee

And when the x-rays came back, the humans in white coats had good news.  Instead of the broken leg that Michigan Cat Rescue feared, Gretchen only had a sprained knee.  To keep her from jumping, she has been put in a crate.  She will stay in that crate for a few days until her knee heals completely.

What is even better news is that many of you humans were very generous.  When Michigan Cat Rescue let you know that they needed green paper things, you responded.  They were able to pay for Gretchen’s x-rays with the money you donated to them and they had extra green paper things that will go to paying for noms.

It is sad that Gretchen got injured at all, but it is good news that she will be okay soon and that Michigan Cat Rescue has such wonderful supporters!

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