Spirit A Blind Cat Helps Rescue Kittens

Furiends, one of my fellow special needs cats who I admire the most is Spirit, A Blind Cat.  This brave feline was the victim of horrible animal abuse, but he managed to escape and found a human who provides him with a loving home.  Spirit clearly has not forgotten where he came from.  In fact, recently, he was a vital part of a cat rescue mission.

Spirit’s human had a friend who had trapped a feral cat, who she thought was pregnant.  This feline was taken to the humans in white coats to be spayed, and during the procedure, the humans in white coats said that she had given birth.

This feral cat had been seen around a construction site, and had been known to take refuge under a temporary trailer.  Well, Spirit’s human and a furiend were able to get access to the site so that they could begin the cat rescue.

Half of the ground under the trailer where the kittens were suspected to have been born was under water.  The other half was mud.  Spirit and his two human helpers went searching for the kittens through this mess.

Spirit A Blind Cat Helps His Humans With a Cat RescueIt took a while, but Spirit detected something.  He alerted the humans helping him search for the kittens that he found them.   They were located just beneath the floor of the trailer.  A heavy plastic sheet kept them above the ground.

The humans who Spirit helped with the cat rescue slowly removed the kittens from the barrier.  There were four of these little felines.  Each one was placed in a clean towel, and then in a warm box.

They are now being cleaned, fed, and kept warm.  And because of Spirit, this cat rescue happened just in time.  The weather conditions where these felines were rescued are likely to drop close to freezing tonight.

Because of Spirit’s help, two humans were able to perform a desperately needed cat rescue.  It is wonderful to see a feline like Spirit helping other felines!

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6 Replies to “Spirit A Blind Cat Helps Rescue Kittens”

  1. Spirit is amazing and a wonderful boy to help humans find these babies, this story brought tears to my eyes. I never get tired of reading happy endings in animal rescue- there are never enough of them.

  2. To Bagheera:


    Please read this latest post from SpiritABlindCat Facebook page.

    Spirit A Blind Cat
    October 2 at 6:19pm ·

    My Dearest Friends and Spirit Warriors,
    It is with the heaviest heart and the Deepest grief that I tell you that Spirit and my Rescue Kitties have been seized and taken from me — in what can only be described as a completely blindsided raid. An EXTREMELY vindictive individual called Animal Control repeatedly, accusing me of abusing my cats. The Animal Control Officer never came inside my (unsecured) courtyard to my front door, never knocked on my door, or rang my doorbell, and never left a notice for me at my door, or communicated with me about his concerns. Nor was there ever a letter or any written correspondence sent in a manner that would ensure I would receive it. However, later I was informed that the Animal Control Officer did leave notices outside an unsecured exterior gate, in an area that is considered a “Common Area” — where anyone has access, and someone could easily remove a note or notices.

    There was a Hearing on Friday (Sept. 30), and I was told that it would be an informal process. However, it soon became apparent that the Hearing was anything but that. The City of Bryan, TX had two Prosecuting attorneys there, who represented Animal Control. I had none. Like a lamb being thrown into a den of wolves. I was thrown into an arena with absolutely no legal representation; no guidance, no awareness of legal jargon or what my rights are — or if I even deserved to have any rights, as an American Citizen.

    The City of Bryan wants me to “admit” or state that I am an Animal Abuser, in order to get Spirit and my personal cats back. I cannot tell you how devastating this is, and I cannot even process the thought of being labeled an animal abuser. I have spent my entire life in the Service of others, and Helping animals. I am Devoted to Helping those in Need, and I make so many sacrifices, with little regard to my own needs. It goes against who I am, EVERYTHING I Believe in, my own personal values & truths, and the Authenticity of Who I Am, and what I Stand for. I am NOT an abuser of animals. I have NEVER abused another living being, neither human or animal — of ANY kind. That’s just not who I am. But, that is who the City of Bryan wants me to be.

    I am a person with a severe disability, but the City of Bryan ignores this fact, or my Rights to have a Service Animal. When I was a little girl, only 10 years old, I was run over by a high powered ski boat traveling full speed, who was pulling a skier (who was skiing on a slalom/single ski). At that time, it was popular for boaters to pull a skier close to the shore line, where they would drop off in shallow waters and walk out of the ski on land without getting their hair wet. The boat was headed directly towards me while I was in the water, and the driver could not hear my screams — not until it was too late. I was run over by the propeller, at full speed. Both of my legs were severed off at the knee, with only a small section of skin from the back of each leg connected, barely holding what was left of my legs together. [I removed some of the description, because it may be too graphic to read]. However, I should have died that day. In reality, I did. I died while being transported in our family’s station wagon, en route to the first hospital. What brought me back was my father, who was crying hysterically, praying and begging for me to come back. I came back for him, because I knew that if I didn’t, my father would never be able to forgive himself. You see, my father was the driver of the boat, and my mother was the skier he was pulling.

    Against all odds, I survived. I was told I would never be able to walk again or function “normally”. I was in the hospital for about 1.5 months, and kept in a full plaster cast that went from the tip of my toes to the top of my hip, for 6 months. I lost my muscles, my range of motion, and my self esteem.

    For practically my entire life I have been bullied, and called just about every derogatory name you could ever think of, from peg leg, gimpy, cripple…Freak. And I’ve been told that it would have been better for me to have died that day, than to have lived. I have been chastised and attacked for being different, for looking different, pushed around, assaulted, and name called because of the highly visible scars you can see that wrap around both of my legs — and I have been dehumanized repeatedly for being different. It was through the Love of a little kitten, who became my cat, that gave me a sense of Purpose, and taught me about unconditional Love.

    I suffer from permanent mobility impairments, limited range of motion, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bone to bone grinding in my left knee, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and extreme night terrors. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have been run over by that boat, especially since those involved with the City of Bryan seized Spirit, my Service Animal, and my Rescues. I have not been able to sleep. I have passed out in exhaustion, but as soon as I begin to dream, I am run over by that same boat again, and I feel the impact and see my legs floating in that water…again, and again, and again….

    I explained my Disability and need for my Service Animal to the Animal Control Officers, their Supervisor, and the two Prosecuting Attorneys. It did not matter to them. They refuse to recognize my Disability. I am not enough. And, I will never be enough to them.

    I cannot stop these night terrors. I have not been able to stop crying or sleep since this horrific nightmare began. I NEED my Spirit back. PLEASE, if you can Possibly Help, your Kindness, Compassion, and Support would mean the WORLD to me. Animal Control Officers and Prosecutors stated that I owe anywhere from close to $3,000 to over $7,000, just for impoundment fees. Even the Judge commented that those fees seemed excessive and unfair.

    The Hearing has been re-scheduled for October 10th, and I Sincerely Believe that I need legal Representation this time. I Need someone who Believes in me and fights for my Rights, because clearly, I am not enough. I don’t know how much good legal defense would cost, or if there is a Highly Effective, Strong attorney who would Step forward and Help. We need to Raise money to free Spirit, my personal cats, and whatever Rescues we can from Prison (Impoundment), and for legal Representation.

    I ask you this….
    I ask that you PLEASE Do NOT contact the Bryan Animal Control or Animal Center at this time. Your voice would only fall on deaf ears. These people do not care. If they would have Cared, they would have tried to contact me. They would have made an effort by knocking on my door or ringing the doorbell, or leaving a notice on my door, or sending a Certified, Registered letter, or done something responsible to communicate with me. Instead, they listened to an extremely angry, hateful, vindictive person, became biased, and got a Search Warrant, and Seized Spirit and my Rescues. The spiteful, vindictive person who accused me of abusing my cats knew that the best way to harm me was to take away the one thing I Love the most — the animals I Rescue, Care for, Love, rehabilitate, and find responsible, Adoptive homes for…and My Spirit, who gives me more Meaning & Purpose in this Life than you could ever possibly imagine. Spirit gives me the unconditional Love & Support to Cope with my Disabilities, and the Inspiration to Give Back to others.

    Please, if you can Help us, then do.
    Today is Spirit’s 5th birthday, and he is alone, behind heavy steel metal bars, locked up in a cold, dark cage. He has not felt the warm sun on his face, or breathed fresh, clean air. Nor has he felt the love in my arms, holding & embracing him, or the special dietary needs we provide. Neither Spirit nor I have received the safety or comfort of sleeping together at night, surrounded by Peace and love. And, as for me…well, I have not been able to sleep, since my Service Animal and beloved Spirit was forcefully taken away from me.

    Spirit misses me, and I miss him IMMENSELY.
    I am his Rescuer, his Advocate, his Guardian and Protector.
    But, I could not Protect him from Animal Control, and they refuse to recognize me as an American with a Disability.

    I miss Spirit. Tremendously.
    Today is Spirit’s Birthday.
    Tomorrow is my birthday, on October 3rd.
    We cannot possibly celebrate either of these days, not while my Spirit and our Rescues are sitting in prison. People have asked us over and over again what we would like for our birthdays. We ONLY want our Spirit and Rescues back. That is what we Sincerely want. We NEED good, solid legal Representation now. And, we need your Prayers for Compassion, guidance, Fairness & Equality, and Love.

    I created a PayPal account to help with our legal fees, which could be over $15,000, and Seizure fees that have already amassed into many thousands of dollars.
    Our PayPal account is:
    [email protected]
    Or, please PM or email us at: [email protected]
    If you would like to help.

    One last thing….my page [this page] is being monitored, so Please keep this in mind. Animal Control Officers, and undoubtedly the extremely vindictive person who started all of this horrific trauma is monitoring my page. This is a Public page, and anyone can see it. As many of my long term followers and Warriors are aware, this page is meant to Help, not Harm others. My Passion in Life has always been in the Service of Others: to Inspire Compassion, and Motivate Love to Action; to Help others, no matter who you are, or where you are located…and to never lose Hope, or Faith, or your sense of Spirit. And to live your life in the BEST possible ways, without hurting or harming others.

    PLEASE be Mindful & Careful with your Comments. I do not want to harm anyone — I just want my Spirit and Rescue Kitties back, and our fosters placed in Loving homes. [PLEASE Do NOT name ANY names — human OR animal (besides Spirit) — because our page is being Monitored].

    If you can, Please SHARE this Message to EVERY person, group, Cause, Public Figure, Responsible Animal Rescue and Rescuer, and anyone else you can think of who could help — we WANT Spirit and our Rescue Kitties back, we Do NOT want ANY of our Rescue Kitties Destroyed or Disposed of, as our City determines their fate.

    This year alone, I have Successfully Placed (Adopted) out 41 of our Rescued foster Kitties into Loving, forever homes — completely vetted, spayed/neutered, Combo tested, vaccinated, and microchipped — with absolutely NO burden or costs to our City’s taxpayers or the Animal Shelter whatsoever. We Strive to be an Asset, not a liability. We do EVERYTHING in our Power to SAVE Lives — not destroy them. This has been a particularly challenging year, because as many of you know, in addition to our own Rescues, I was heavily involved in traveling out of town frequently to help an additional 130+ cats from a Cat Sanctuary before and after the owner and Founder died from brain cancer in April 2016. I have personally handled, trapped, transferred, vaccinated, relocated, and re-homed more cats in this one year than most people could imagine. When I get a call or message about an animal in Need, I respond — and Rescue. In fact, I successfully trapped the last two remaining starving, emaciated outside feral cats from the Sanctuary, who had no one to care for them, and got them to a Safe and loving foster home. Altogether, I have helped Rescue and re-home (Adopt out) almost 200 cats this year alone. That meant nothing to the Officials involved, who seized Spirit, my 4 personal cats and fosters (11 foster cats and 3 kitten Rescues from my home). A total of 19 cats and kittens were Seized.

    If you can help us find qualified, Compassionate Cat Rescue groups who would drive here and “pull” from the Shelter any of the Rescue foster cats and kittens seized from our home, PLEASE email: [email protected]
    ALL 11 Rescue’s have been neutered/spayed, and FIV/FeLV negative, prior to being Seized, and all but 1 is microchipped.
    The City of Bryan Animal Shelter will NOT work with transport groups — so a Rescue would have to make arrangements to pick up the cats directly. Or, if someone would like to adopt any of our Rescue’s, PLEASE PM or email us, and we can tell you who is there.

    If you can Help us with legal costs or Representation, our Paypal account is: [email protected]
    If you are an Attorney with a Strong history of Successfully Defending and Achieving Exceptional Results, PLEASE Contact us: [email protected]
    PLEASE Help me get Spirit and our Kitties back. PLEASE Help!!!!
    <3 Spirit's Mom

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