Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Needs Some Help

“Human, I can tell you are frustrated with Marley.”

“Why do you say that, Bagheera?”

Marley's Cat Adoption is Proceeding“We bengal cats are smart, human.  I know you are exasperated with her, and so does Jacey.  I think Marley knows it, too, but she is too shy to tell me.”

“Well, Bagheera, you can understand why.  She clawed her way into the box spring that I just bought.  She did this to escape from you and Jacey.  Now I know you only want to play with her, but she clearly does not like other cats.”

“Human, you couldn’t leave well enough alone.  You had her in the crate but you took her out of it.  Now you are paying the price.”

“Gee, thanks, Bagheera.”

“Well, human, who is to blame?  You are.”

“I could deal with that, Bagheera, but as you can tell by the smell, she may be starting to pee in the box spring.  And she might even be doing her other business in there.  We can’t have a cat doing that.  And I’m at my wit’s end as to how to deal with her.”

“What do you think you should do, human?”

“Well, we have to get her out of the box spring.  I’m going to have to snag her when she is eating and put her in the crate for a bit.  Then I can figure out what to do.” Bagheera and Jacey are Two Cats With a Lot to Say

“Human, you cannot be mean to that pretty cat.  She is just very shy and she doesn’t like it when Bagheera and I try to play with her.”

“I won’t be mean to her, Jacey, but you two have to leave her alone.  I’m thinking that I have two choices.”

“What are they, human?”

“Well, I think that I can either leave her in the crate, and then keep her in there until someone gives her a furever home without other cats.  Sadly, I do not think she wants to be in a home with other cats.”


“I could put her in the bathroom, and close the door.  But I do not know if that will work because you three are all smart bengal cats, and you might figure out how to open the door.”

“Human, you should ask the humans who read my blog.”

“That’s a good idea, Bagheera.”

Please help me, Jacey, and our human.  Tell us what we should do with sweet little Marley.  She cannot stay in the box spring and use it as a litter box.  But the human also does not want to let her go.

What should he do?

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3 Replies to “Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Needs Some Help”

  1. Don´t you have any other room than the bathroom, where you could keep her? If she got that room to herself it would maybe work for her to come out of the box spring and get her to get used to rooms to begin with. Keep her in that room daytime with food and water and toilet. During night time have the box spring open for her to climb into. I haven´t had anything to do with these kind of problems so it´s very difficult. But maybe if she feel safe in a room of her own it will be easier to get her used to being out of the box spring. I really wish you good luck with this because I really would love her to stay with you lovely babies. <3

  2. As you know Bengals are climbers and like most cats also feel safe in high areas, perhaps offering a high up area for Marley to escape to that Bagheera and Jacey cannot get to would allow her to feel safe. Jackson Galaxy often uses this idea on his show with households who have cats that do not get along or one is intimidated by the other. Bringing back out her crate is not such a bad idea in that it did give her a safe space before and if that keeps her from trying to burrow in to the box spring all the better.
    If she is urinating in there it sounds like she may not feel safe using the litter boxes she shares with Bagheera and Jacey- some cats fear another will ambush them there and then start going in other areas- perhaps figuring out an area to put a box just for her, even a small one inside the corner of the crate would help her feel safe to go comfortably. (As you probably know it is recommend to have one litter box per cat in a multi cat home for this type of issues.)
    Her crate door doesn’t have to be closed where she will be locked in, just the walls of it help her feel safe.
    Another thing I highly recommend that I used with Phoebe’s sister Černy who had PTSD and panic attacks from abuse suffered as a kitten is Feliway air diffusers. The synthetic pheremone often helps cats with anxiety and other issues by calming them and the other cats too. They also have collars made by Sentry that are replaced monthly like the diffuser to help relieve anxiety of the cat who wears it. Rescue Remedy is like Feliway but comes in a spray you can spray in areas to promote calmness in the cat.
    Jackson Galaxy also sells Spirit Essences that are holistic remedies to help many ailments including anxiety, aggressive behaviors, getting along in multi cat homes, etc. You can add a few drops to food or water of the cat, or even apply it to their coat. I used the Bully Remedy with Phoebe when she had moments of pestering her brother Kaspars with dominance that sent him in to a freak out panic. Check out Feliway and the Sentry Calming collars on Amazon and they are available at most local pet shops like Petsmart and PETCO.
    Jackson Galaxy’s remedies are at:

    Don’t worry human, you are not alone in this. Give Marley her crate comfort zone area back, block her from the bedroom and get a new box spring as they all will start urinating on it if they smell another’s cat urine.
    Do try the calming items, they are worth at least trying. Some people claim not to find they help at all, but they did for us. Also don’t be afraid to reach out to fellow cat lovers, there’s lots of great advice by others who have been down a similar road.
    Take care and don’t give up on her, she knows you love her and appreciates it.

  3. Well, the human got her out of the box spring, and she is now back in the crate. She seems to feel safe there. I wandered by there and she did not complain. Jacey also wandered by and she was okay. I will share the story today.

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