Tenth Life Saves Special Needs Cat Feller

Furiends, you know that I am good furiends with Lincoln, who is a Tenth Life Cats alumnus.  While Linky’s recovery was a miraculous one, he is not the only special needs cat that Tenth Life Cats has helped.

The latest special needs cat that came into their care is a feline named Feller.  This poor guy was bad shape.  The humans in white coats said that Feller had a shattered jaw, a nasty infection, and was in shock due to the injuries he had suffered.  They said that Feller’s life may have been cut short due to these injuries.

Tenth Life is Helping Special Needs Cat Feller RecoverFeller received emergency treatment, and his condition was stabilized.  However, repairs to his jaw were unsuccessful.  Because one of Tenth Life’s amazing foster humans stepped forward, they were able to take in Feller.

Tenth Life rushed Feller to humans in white coats who specialize in the surgery he needed.  This special needs cat had his jaw repaired and the pain he was in was decreased significantly.  A wire was placed in his jaw, and in case eating noms causing him too much pain, a feeding tube was inserted.

Feller’s foster human was not the only human who stepped forward to help this special needs cat.  Many humans grouped together to pay for his care.  In addition, the additional care Feller needs in order to fully recover will be taken care of as well.

According to Feller’s foster human, it was difficult to feed him through the feeding tube initially.  It’s not surprising that it took some adaptation to handling this special needs cat.  But now, just like with me and my insulin shots, his human has learned how to do it.

Tenth Life is Caring for Special Needs Cat FellerFeller is a very gentle and sweet feline who “curls up in my lap and just rests,” said his foster human.  Recently, he “enjoyed ear rubs, snuggling, and watching the birds out the window.”

Now, you might think that a human who takes on a special needs cat with challenges far more difficult than mine is a human who should be commended.  But she thinks she is the lucky one.  She said that she is “incredibly honored…to be able to care for him.”

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  1. Awww so happy that something was done to help him! Hope someone will adopt him soon so he will get a furrever home! Will keep my fingers crossed and my boys keep their paws crossed. Have shared this! <3

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