ALDF Fights Animal Abuse Across The Nation

You know that my good furiend Lucky, who suffered a horrible case of animal abuse.  He and I encourage humans everywhere to become advocates against animal abuse.  I know that you kind humans would never abuse an animal.  In fact, you probably got annoyed with the human when I told you how he captured Marley so she would not be in the box spring.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund Fights Animal AbuseSadly, there are too many cases of animal abuse.  That is why I am glad to share with you the story of an organization called the Animal Legal Defense Fund.  One of their accomplishments was to make the crime of animal abuse a felony in all 50 states.  It is shocking to me to know that this was not the case until recently, but I am very glad this is the case.

This organization was founded in 1979 by attorneys who wanted to shape the emerging field of animal law so that animal abuse could be punished properly.  Their goal is to “protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system.”

By pushing for more aggressive enforcement of animal abuse laws and advocating for more humane treatment of animals, they have been very effective in making things better.  Thousands of attorneys and over 100,000 members and supporters help ALDF in achieving this.

In Siskiyou County, a rural county in California without the resources of its more urban counterparts, help from the ALDF legal team was instrumental in getting justice in two animal abuse cases.  One cruel human who shot a dog after an inappropriate urination incident plead guilty after help from ALDF.  And in a case involving the starvation of horses, an ALDF attorney will help the county’s district attorney if the case goes to trial.

You can learn more about the Animal Legal Defense Fund in their video.

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