Lucky Continues to Help With Cat Rescue

If you have been paying attention to me for any length of time, you know that one of my favorite feline Internet furiends is my ginger buddy Lucky.  This tough yet loving feline was abused, and burned by acid.  His recovery was long and difficult, but the humans at the Homeless Animals Rescue Team were committed to seeing this cat rescue through.

And now that Lucky is a healthy feline in a loving home, he is committed to helping with oLucky Helps a Cat Rescue Save 11 Kittensther cat rescues.

In his latest undertaking, Lucky learned of a group of kittens who were in a high kill shelter.  An organization named Rural Shelter Transport was looking for help in pulling a large litter of kittens.  This was a time critical cat rescue, because in a high kill shelter, felines do not have very long.  Adding to the time pressure were two kittens with medical conditions who needed special care.

Thanks to Lucky’s pleas and the work of the amazing humans who volunteer for cat rescues, out of this kindle of 11 kittens, eight of them were pulled from the shelter.  In addition, another medically challenged kitten was taken in by an experienced foster.

That left two kittens in a high kill shelter.  Furiends, it’s one thing for a feline who has had a chance to live a good life to lose it at a shelter.  That is sad, but at least that feline has enjoyed his life.  For a tiny kitten to never have a chance to live is very sad.  It is something that every cat rescue deals with — there is no way all felines can be rescued.

Fortunately, the humans involved in this cat rescA Cat Rescue of 11 Kittens Makes Many Felines Happyue did not have to deal with that sad situation.  Every single one of the 11 kittens in this kindle were pulled from the high kill shelter and now have a chance to live.

Lucky says that he was “so excited” that he was “walking around with [his] tail straight up in the air.”  In addition, he was “headbonking everything and everyone in sight.”

Furiends, this is what happens when you help cat rescue organizations.  If you are interested in helping my human do the same for the San Diego Humane Society, please contribute to help open The Cat Cafe.

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