Special Needs Cat Frenchie Wants a Home

You know that as a diabetic cat, I am always happy to share stories about fellow special needs cats looking for homes.  The kind humans at the Humane Society for Hamilton County have a special needs cat named Frenchie who is looking for a home.

Special Needs Cat Frenchie Needs a Furever HomeFrenchie is a seven year old feline who arrived at the shelter in August of last year.  This poor feline has been in the shelter for almost nine months, and she has been hoping for a kind human to take her home for good.

It is not a surprise that Frenchie has been with the kind humans at the Humane Society of Hamilton County for a long time.  You see, she has two strikes against her.  She is a black cat.  And she’s a special needs cat, because she is FIV positive.

There are many misconceptions about FIV.  Felines with this virus, while requiring a little more attention because they have a compromised immune system, can live long and happy lives.  The key is to provide them with nutritious food and make sure they are indoor only cats.

Many humans are also reluctant to adopt FIV positive cats because they worry about whether the disease can spread to humans, canines, or other felines.  Fortunately, FIV does not spread easily and it’s safe for FIV positive felines to live with cats who do not have the virus.

Frenchie is a fuzzy black cat, and she does not mind being brushed.  She might take a while to warm up to humans she does not know, but once she does, you will have a cute feline furiend for life.

All she asks for in return for her love is a nice cat bed, fresh water and noms, toys, and maybe some treats from time to time.  I do not think this is too much to ask for in exchange for the love this special needs cat will give to the human who takes her home.

If you are interested in adopting my fellow special needs cat, please contact the Humane Society for Hamilton County.  If you do not have room in your home for this girl, please share her story!

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  1. Poor sweetie, hope she find a furrever home really soon. Can´t understand what people have against black cats??? Stupid thinking I guess! I think she´s adorable and pray she get a home soonest! Sharing this post! <3 <3 <3

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