Many Animals Helped During San Diego Fires

Furiends, I consider myself a very fortunate feline to live in San Diego.  There are not too many days where I do not get to work on my fur tan.  Even the cold days here are not too bad for me, and I can still go out on the balcony to enjoy some fresh air.

This is not a normal time.  It is very hot right now.  Our normal high temperature for this time of year is 68 degrees.  The high today was 97 degrees!  The low temperature of 70 degrees was actually higher than our normal high temperature.

Not surprisingly, when it is so hot and dry, it is good weather for fires to start and spread.  That is how the San Diego fires have caused so many problems around here began.

One of the most striking images from the San Diego Fires

One of the resulting problems from the San Diego fires was the need for humans and animals to be evacuated from areas that were at risk.  It is very difficult to mobilize enough resources to help make this happen.  Fortunately, humans did not have to leave their animals behind because many rescue groups and volunteers helped.

Many Horses Like These Were Rescued During the San Diego FiresIn just one day, for example, the San Diego Humane Society‘s response to the San Diego fires involved setting up a temporary shelter area, which is housing 28 horses, two goats, several sheep, 15 chickens, and three turkeys.

I also shared with you the story of how, in response to just one of the San Diego fires, the Helen Woodward Animal Center had to evacuate 400 animals very quickly.  Well, the good news is that these animals were able to return to the shelter after what we are calling the Bernardo fire was suppressed to the point where it did not pose a threat. Animals Return to Helen Woodward After Evacuation due to San Diego Fires

And the Helen Woodward Animal Center is coordinating responses for large animal trailers so that other humans and animals who are in danger due to the San Diego fires can get out of the area.

We are known as a very pet friendly city.  So many animals were able to be helped due to the humans who live here caring enough to help.  I am a lucky feline to live here!

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2 Replies to “Many Animals Helped During San Diego Fires”

  1. You are indeed Bagheera, and I am glad to know you and your family are safe. When I heard about the fires in San Diego, I remembered you lived there and hoped it wasn’t near your house. That’s pawesome that people had so much support to evacuate their fur kids too, I know I wouldn’t be able to leave without mine. I would pack them up and go to another town and stay in a motel if no nearby shelters would allow you to bring pets!

    1. The human would not leave our home without all three of us with him. Where we live, it is very unlikely that the fires would reach us. Still, knowing that he will take us with him or not leave makes us feel better.

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