Diabetic Cat Bellmont Rescued

Furiends, special needs cats like me do not have good chances at high kill shelters.  Combine that with the feline in question being a senior cat, and it’s almost certain that cats with that combination of conditions will spend our last days in a cage, until the humans in white coats give us a needle stick for the last time.

That is what was about to happen to my fellow diabetic cat Bellmont.  He was in a high kill shelter, sick, weak, and watching with sad eyes as his time ticked away.  This poor feline, who should have been someone’s cherished pet, found himself on the streets.  Then when he was taken in, he found himself in a cage.  The cage was going to be the last thing he remembered before it was his time.

My Fellow Diabetic Cat Bellmont's Intake Picture

That is when the wonderful humans at Anjellicle Cats Rescue stepped in to pull Bellmont from the shelter.  And when they pulled him, he was not in good shape.  You can see by the intake picture that he was dirty, tired, and had not received the treatment a diabetic cat needs!

Bellmont’s story was shared by one of my favorite rescue groups, Diabetic Cats in Need, and one of my favorite fellow felines, Lucky.  After he was pulled, he went to the humans in white coats.  Anjellicle Cats Rescue reports that he is a very sweet cat.  That is to be expected because we diabetic cats are called sugar cats, after all!

Diabetic Cat Bellmont

Bellmont is safe now, and does not have to worry about spending his last days in a cage at a place he does not know very well.  Now he will get the chance to recover, and then he will get what every feline deserves.  He will get to spend his time left with a family that loves him and provides him with the care a diabetic cat needs instead of dumping him on the streets.

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  1. Awww sweet little Bellmont! Don´t understand humans doing these UNHUMAN things! Happy Bellmont was found and that he will get a good life! <3

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