6/1 Blood Sugar Readings

Furiends, as you know, every week, I update you on my blood sugar readings for the week that just past.  This week, I want to update you on the readings for the week ending June 1, 2014.

Blood Sugar Readings for Week Ending June 1Diabetic cats like me must have our blood sugar levels monitored to make sure that they do not go too high for a long period of time or go too low.  If our glucose levels are too high for a long time, then we can develop some serious problems.  The easiest one to see is diabetic neuropathy, where instead of walking on our toes like cats do, we walk on our haunches.

But also, we must make sure that we do not get so much insulin that our blood sugar levels go too low.  For diabetic cats, high blood sugar levels can kill us slowly.  Low blood sugar levels can be medical emergencies that require treatment from the humans in white coats right away.

Fortunately for this week, my blood sugar readings were not too bad for a diabetic cat.  The weekly average of my glucose readings was 234, which is up from last week but still not in the dangerous area above 300.

The high for the week came when the human took a blood sugar reading right after Jacey ambushed me.  It was 377.  The low for the week was 195.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Blood Sugar Readings Have him Doing This

That is not too bad considering that I was ambushed by Jacey and that the human did not tell me that I was getting a very special visitor.  I think we can tolerate this.  The human thinks I am much more comfortable and enjoying my life a lot, because he has seen me lying on my back with my paws in the air.

I will let you know what my blood sugar readings are next week.

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