Felines Alter a Yoga Pose

“Human, I understand you are not happy that you cannot go to yoga.”

“That’s right, Bagheera.  Because of the Rock N’ Roll Marathon taking place today, many streets are closed.  I cannot get to the class that I want to get to without have to make a long detour, so I will skip it.”

“Well, human, Jacey, Marley and I have come up with an idea.”

“What is it, Bagheera?”

“Human, when it is time for you to do a cat pose, we will alter it.”

Cat Pose“How?”

“Human, what we will do is we will hop on your back when it is time for you to do cat pose.  And I will meow encouragement to you to hold the pose.”

“Jacey, that’s very kind, but you realize that having all three of you on my back would add quite a bit of weight.  And that would not necessarily be a good thing.”

“Are you saying we are fat, human?”

“No, Marley.  You are not fat.  Even Bagheera, who weighs twice as much as you, is not fat.  But adding nearly 40 pounds of weight to a pose would not be a good thing.”

“But human, adding in the weight would help you stretch.  We felines are just trying to help you.  And after all, if it’s called cat pose, how could adding cats into it not make it better?”This is one relaxed cat pose

“You do have a point, Bagheera.  But I think I will skip it.  Besides, you can always hop in my lap or on my stomach.  Even you, Marley.”

“Well, human, I do like to hop on the bed and roll around, but I’m afraid that Bagheera and Jacey will come and bother me when I do it.”

“Marley, you just have to get used to them.  And now I’m going to go and water the plants.  Do you three want to come work on your fur tans?”

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