Good News For Mouse and WiFi

I am sure you have heard the story of the bonded pairs of kittens at the San Diego Humane Society.  Mouse and WiFi found their way into a box that was shipped to a warehouse for a cable company.  They were lucky that they were not crushed, and lucky that they came to a place with a kitten nursery.

Mouse and WiFi's Happy Cat RescueThese two tiny felines — they came with their umbilical cords still attached — were rushed to the kitten nursery, where they received the bottle feeding and care they needed.  And now they are doing much better.  The dedicated humans in the kitten nursery say these two are “little piglets” because they consume so many noms!  They are off the bottle and eating solid noms, which is good progress.

They have reached eight weeks, which is the normal age for felines to be spayed or neutered.  This is something even well meaning humans do not know, because the human thought I needed to be a year old before I was fixed!  That meant I was old enough to know what was done to me and old enough to realize that the human was responsible for it.  I was also old enough to know be angry at the human and to plot my revenge.  That night, when he was sleeping, I jumped right where the things he had taken away were located on him.

Mouse and WiFi Eating Noms

Because Mouse and WiFi are still small for their age, they will need to put on weight before they have that procedure done.  Fortunately for them, they will be young enough to not miss what is taken away from them.

After they recover from the procedure, they will be sent to a foster home, where the next step of the cat rescue will begin.

I am sure this happy cat rescue story will conclude with these two adorable felines finding a furever home.  Think about how amazing this cat rescue is.  First, they had to survive the trip — not just the physical danger of being crushed by equipment or humans who did not know they were in the box — but also the risk of not having noms for a long time.  Then they had to come to a place with a kitten nursery.  Mouse and WiFi also had to recover from the stress.

It is truly a very happy cat rescue story.  And I will share another with you tomorrow!

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  1. Awww I’m glad to see an update about these little guys, and how big they are now. Their story is TRULY amazing! No offense to your Dad, but you had me rolling on the floor laughing while describing your revenge on him after your neutering! My mancat Kaspars also had a good laugh or more like snicker and told me I am lucky I am a female and he was not able to do the same to me after his neutering. I did not find this humorous. Kaspars was feral when he showed up in the front yard eleven years ago, and it took a few months before he would let anyone near him. When he finally was more tame, I took him to be tested for disease, get his shots, dewormed, a microchip, etc and the vet estimated him to be around 2 years old. He was not fixed so he went in for his surgery a few weeks later. Obviously being two he like you Bagheera was old enough to remember what was not there anymore. He was not happy upon returning home or having to be kept indoors 24/7 for four days (he is allowed in fenced yard during the day, no outside at night). The first night he spent with his bed, box, food, toys in the guest bath he yowled at me all night, growling, spitting, swearing, and slamming his body against the door, along with putting his paws under the door and shaking it- the noise caused a racket! I haven’t been yelled at that much by him since then, so I don’t know if that was his revenge, if he was exhibiting his no testes trauma, or both!

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