Gracie Selects Human Family

Humans often think that they are the one who choose the felines that they take home with them.  But sometimes, it is the feline who chooses the human.  When I was a tiny little kitten, I let my human know that I liked him by hopping on him.  And it is a good thing I chose him, because when I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat, he was committed to making sure I received the care I need.

Gracie's Sweet Story is Dangerous for Diabetic CatsGracie’s situation was much more dramatic than mine.  On a cold, dark November night in Alberta, a human stopped to get gas.  When he got back to his car after paying, he noticed a tiny furry lump on his car.  He went to see what it was and realized it was a tiny feline.  Reaching for the cat, the cat responded by clinging tightly to him.

This human never shared his home with a feline, but he knew this feline, who he would eventually name Gracie, was sick and needed help badly.  He did not know if she would survive the night, but she clung tightly to him all night long.

The next day, he took this cat to the humans in white coats.  There the human learned that the tiny feline he had rescued was about five months old and way too small, weighing only four pounds.  Unlike my human, who has enough green paper things to pay for a diabetic cat’s care, this human could not pay to care for the feline he had rescued.

He explained the situation to the humans in white coats, and told them that he wanted to find a home for the cat he rescued.  Gracie decided that she wanted to join this human in his home, and hopped on his shoulder.  She would not let go, and when he pet her, she purred and went to sleep.

The humans in white coats saw this, and decided that no green paper things would be needed.  They sent Gracie and her human home with a cat bed and carrier.  In exchange, the asked him to allow Gracie to recover before attempting to find her a new home.

Gracie is Looking for Noms

Since then, Gracie has decided that she has found her human.  Hopefully, she will not become a diabetic cat or have other special needs.  But it is clear that if she does, she will have a human who will make the sacrifices needed to take care of her.  “[Gracie] has brought much joy and happiness to my life,” said her human.

From a nearly frozen tiny kitten to queen of the house, Gracie’s story is so sweet that telling it to you may mean that the insulin dose I need as a diabetic cat will need to be increased.  But I will be happy if that happens, because her story is such a sweet one.

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