6/22 Blood Sugar Readings

I have enjoyed sharing many happy stories with you over the past week.  There was the story of sweet Noah, with his huge eyes, who was rescued by a human after he had been abandoned and left to die.  Then I told you about Chance, who is alive because a brave human saved him from drowning.  Finally, my fellow diabetic cat Vinny was able to find a furever home.

I love sharing these happy stories.  Hopefully I will have many more to share with you this week.  But now it is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week.

We saw a slight improvement on my average blood sugar reading.  Last week, the average reading was 236.  This week, it fell slightly, to 230.  That is better, because my human and I are aiming to get it to average below 200.   At this level, the average is okay, because it is not above the level where it can cause long term complications.  But we would like to see it a little lower.

The high for the week came at 317, which is definitely higher than we want to see it.  The low for the week was 154.  If I could have readings consistently around there, I would be one very happy feline!

This is What I Need To Control My Blood Sugar

We are seeing much more consistent readings as well.  That means that my dosing does not shift much, which is better for me as well.  The dosing only shifted from six units of insulin on the low end to 6.5 units on the high end.  Most of my readings were at the level where I got six units.

I am hopeful that we can slowly lower my blood sugar readings to a place where they average below 200.  The human is investigating other noms to see if changing the crunchies that I eat will drop my blood sugar below that level.

But even if it stays where it is, that is okay.  It is not ideal, but I should still be okay.

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  1. I wish you the best of luck to get your blood sugarlevels to a good level and also that your human find some good noms for you that will keep it lower. I do also struggle all the time, I have problems to keep my blood sugar steady! 🙁 But best of luck to you sweet Bagheera! <3

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