Vinny Has a Furever Home

One of my favorite organizations is Diabetic Cats in Need.  They sadly have had to scale back their efforts but they will continue to do what they can to help my fellow diabetic cats.

This is sad news, but there is happy news from Diabetic Cats in Need.  One of my fellow cats with diabetes has been looking for a furever home for a long time.  His name is Vinny, and I shared this handsome guy’s story with you before.

Diabetic Cat Vinny Has a Furever Home

Poor Vinny was surrendered to a shelter and the human who turned him in did not disclose that he was diabetic.  Instead, that human told the shelter that he was inappropriately eliminating and making a mess.  Well, of course Vinny was!  He had not been treated for diabetes even though it was known he had for 20 months!

When Vinny was taken to the shelter, his inappropriate elimination and diabetes put him on a list where the humans in white coats would give him a couple of injections, but not of insulin.  His time was short, but Diabetic Cats in Need stepped in to make sure that Vinny had a chance at a happy life.

He was the cat of the month last October, and while he was not adopted, Diabetic Cats in Need never stopped trying to find a furever home for him.

Fellow Diabetic Cat Vinny Relaxing

As it turns out, his furever home was there all along.  Vinny is such a sweet cat that eventually, the human who was fostering Vinny decided that they could not say good bye to him.  And just like that, the home where Vinny has been staying became his furever home.

There is now only one feline who Diabetic Cats in Need is seeking a home for.  Her name is Sunshine and her story is missing one chapter — the part where she finds a furever home.

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  1. So happy Vinny found his forever home! =D <3 Hope that sweet Sunshine also will find a home really soon! I always share your pages to try to help! <3

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