Stop Ban On Bengal Cats

Furiends, I have been able to share many happy stories with you lately.  However, I must alert you to a situation that is not as happy.  A misinformed group, The Wildcat Sanctuary, and an organization that does much good work, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, say that we bengal cats are “wild” and that we must be regulated in California.  As a reason to do this, they cite bans on bengals and other hybrids in Alabama, Georgia, Hawaii, Nebraska, and Rhode Island.

Do We Bengal Cats Look Dangerous?

They call us “Franken-felines,” which is extremely insulting to me, Jacey, Marley, and other bengal cats like my furiend Duke.  And they call us dangerous.  Furiends, I ask you to take a look at pictures of me, Jacey, and Marley.  Do we look dangerous to you?

This is a Supposedly Dangerous Bengal Cat

These organizations also say that we are wild animals, and that we grow up to bite, spray, and wreak havoc.  This is because of our wild nature, they say.  We are also called threats to public health, native wildlife, and animal welfare in general.

And they claim, with no evidence, that animal rescue groups are reluctant to take in bengal cats because we are impossible to adopt.  If we are so difficult to adopt, then why was the San Diego Humane Society able to adopt nearly 30 bengal cats out in less than a week when a breeder died?

It is true that we bengal cats are not for everyone.  We are active, playful, vocal, and intelligent cats.  That means people who want to bring a bengal cat into their home, hoping that it will be a lap cat, will be disappointed.

Organizations that allow humans to bring bengals into their homes should be aware of this.  And if they decide they cannot handle the antics of a bengal cat, they should be allowed to return the feline.

But saying incorrect things about us, calling us dangerous, and claiming that we are wild animals is not right.  And calling for regulation of us based on these things is ridiculous.

Furiends, we need to let the Wildcat Sanctuary and the Animal Legal Defense Fund that we are not the dangerous “Franken-felines” they claim we are.  And if you are in California, please write to your assembly member, state senator, and Governor Jerry Brown to let them know this is not right.

Here is how you contact the two organizations:

  • The Wildcat Sanctuary does not have any particular contacts listed.  But you can email them at [email protected]rg or call them at 320-245-6871
  • The first contact for the Animal Legal Defense Fund is Megan Backus.  Her phone number is 707-795-2533 x 1010 and her email address is [email protected]
  • The second contact for the Animal Legal Defense Fund is Lisa Franzetta.  Her phone number is 707-795-2533 x 1015 and her email address is [email protected]

Please be polite and informative with these humans.  Their heart is in the right place but they are completely wrong when it comes to bengal cats like me.

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