6/29 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, everyone.  It is time for the weekly update on my blood sugar readings.  As you know, for diabetic cats like me, it is critical to keep track of our blood sugar. That gives us an indication of how well the insulin dosing I am getting is working.

A Happy Diabetic Cat

A non-diabetic cat has blood sugar readings of between 70 and 120.  For diabetic cats like me, we like to see blood sugar readings between 100 and 200.  That keeps us from having a blood sugar level that will cause problems for us over the long term but will also keep us from flirting with hypoglycemia.

Unfortunately for me, this is a challenge. The average blood sugar readings I see on a weekly basis have been in the mid 200 level.  And that continued over the course of this week.

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 239.  That was up slightly from the 230 we saw last week.  It is not a really bad reading, but it is higher than we would have liked. The high reading for the week was 282 and the low reading for the week was 174.

Will These Raw Noms Lower My Blood Sugar Readings?The human is trying a slightly different diet for me, with him giving me some frozen raw noms.  I do not like these as much as the noms he has given me in the past, but he is hopeful that I will consume them eventually and that those will help get my glucose levels to a better state.

We will see if it works. These noms are more expensive than the noms I am currently consuming, but the human does not mind the extra expense if we can get my blood sugar readings under control.

I will give you an update next week on my blood sugar readings. Hopefully the combination of the new noms and the insulin I get will get my blood sugar to average below the 200 threshold we want to see.

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