Feral Cat Saves Homeless Man

There are many stories I have shared with you about feral cats who were rescued by humans and who became wonderful companions for their humans. These humans had to be patient as it takes a long time for a feral cat to learn to trust a human. And I am very happy that some of my fellow felines found homes after living outside for so long.

Today, though, I want to share with you a story of a role reversal. It is sad when there are humans without homes. But a feral cat helped one of these homeless humans turn his life around.

James Bowen was living Feral Cat Bob Saves Homeless Manon the streets of London, selling copies of The Big Issue. He didn’t know it, but his life was going to change when a ginger tabby, who Bowen named Bob, entered it. Bob, despite being a feral cat, was a friendly one. When he met Bob, he had an abscess on his leg.

Even though Bowen didn’t have many green paper things, he managed to get enough money to pay for antibiotics so that Bob could heal. This act of kindness made Bob want to stick around. “When his treatments were done and I was trying to get him to find his own way home, he just started following me, until the day he followed me onto the bus,” Bowen said.

Thus began an unbreakable friendship between two creatures who were down on their luck. Bob helped his human get green paper things by doing tricks. Soon, locals knew about the feline/human duo.

Fomer Feral Cat Bob and His Human

And one day, one of the people who saw what Bowen and Bob were doing was the book agent who signed the author for Marley and Me.  This person helped Bowen, and he published his first book, A Street Cat Named Bob — and How He Saved My Life, in 2010.

The book became a bestseller. Since then, Bowen has written four more books. And now, a movie based on the first book is being filmed.

When Bowen met Bob, he had no idea that simply helping a hurt feline would change his life. But it did!

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  1. Oh this story is so amazing! I have all the books and I love to read about them. I´m a Bobite =). So I follow Bob and James all he time! <3 <3 <3 I would recommend the books to everyone! <3

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