Mouse and WiFi Headed Home!

I’m sure all of my fans remember the story of Mouse and WiFi. These two kittens were packed in a box that was shipped from Los Angeles to a Cox Communications warehouse near me. They still had their umbilical cords attached!

Special Needs Kittens Mouse and WiFi at Two Weeks

I share a bond with these tiny felines because as a diabetic cat, I am a special needs cat. So are felines who are so young. They must be bottle fed and need round the clock attention. Fortunately, they were shipped to the right place, as the San Diego Humane Society is one of the few animal rescue organizations that has a kitten nursery.

They have come a long way and overcome many obstacles, my furiends. Because they were separated from their mother as such an early age, these two special needs cats faced difficult challenges. But thanks to the dedicated care of the volunteers at the kitten nursery, these two boys have recovered from their initial ordeal and now are about to go to their furever home.

Special Needs Cats Mouse and WiFI Ready for Adoption

Last week, the humans in white coats at the San Diego Humane Society decided that these former special needs cats were ready to go to a furever home. They allowed humans to apply to adopt Mouse and WiFi by applying in person at their central San Diego location.

Because of the special bond between these two brofurs, they are going to be adopted as a pair. And even though they look very similar, they have different purrsonalities. Mouse likes to climb and WiFi is a sprinter. And they both love humans, probably because they have spent almost their entire life around you two legged creatures.

One lucky human will get to take this pair home and that lucky person will get the news today. The humans who applied to take them home but who are not selected will be sad, of course. But I hope they adopt one of the many other felines who would love a furever home!

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