Two Diabetic Cats Need Help

It is not surprising that diabetic cats like me have a hard time finding a home. We need to have our diets altered, and we typically need twice daily insulin shots as well as blood sugar tests. While this is not difficult, it is not fun for feline or human, and that is why many humans do not adopt diabetic cats.

That is why I am sharing the story of two diabetic cats who need homes. They were shared on the Diabetic Cats in Need Facebook page, and if you are interested in helping another sugar cat like me, that is a good place to go.

The first cat is named ChinDiabetic Cat Chinaa, and she is in Wisconsin, close to Minneapolis. Her time is short. She must have a commitment very soon or this pretty girl will be put down.  An adopter or foster home is needed to spare her from her appointment with the humans in white coats where she will leave us.

China has been treated with insulin, but details on what kind and for how long are not available. It does not sound like the treatment is working properly, because she is having litter box issues. With proper dosing, it is likely that these will go away.

If you can help China, please contact the human who shared her plight on Facebook.

Badger’s situation is not as serious. He has a foster human, but because the canine in the house attempted to attack him, heDiabetic Cat Badger has been isolated. According to his foster human, Badger is a sweet and loving feline, and he needs a home where he will be loved.

Badger’s foster human loves him, but she knows that he deserves better than living in isolation like he is now. He should have a family that can love him all day long and he will return that love.

If you can help Badger, please contact his human, who is named Dani, at 443-624-1627.

Can we help my fellow diabetic cats? I sure hope we can!

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