Cat Helps Save Homeless Woman

A cemetery is not the place you would expect to have a happy cat rescue story start. It is especially not a place where you expect a cat rescue to result in a human being saved from a deep depression. But that is exactly what happened in the story I will share with you today. Somehow, two lost souls bonded with each other and saved each other.

A Cat Rescue Helps Save Human

The human in this story had endured a tremendous amount of loss. First, she lost her boyfriend of 22 years. A few days later, her father died. These two deaths coming so close together sent her into a depressive spiral. Then, as if these two traumatic events weren’t enough, she lost her apartment when the building was sold.

She ended up sleeping in cheap motels, with her depression deepening and she started to lose hope.

One of the things this human did was to visit her boyfriend’s grave. She would tend to the flowers that grew there, and not surprisingly, she noticed the feral cats in the area that hunt rodents. The groundskeepers are happy to have the ferals around, because they keep the rodents from disturbing the graves.

Two Feral Cats at the Serbian Cemetary

A black and white cat who she named Miss Tuxedo started to follow her around. When the human was fixing the flowers around her boyfriend’s grave, Miss Tuxedo insisted on getting love. “It was like she was saying ‘No, no, love me.’ Suddenly, I had a purpose. I don’t know why, but this cat loved me.”

Miss Tuxedo made her human feel much less isolated and helped her think of happier things. And when Miss Tuxedo needed to have a tumor removed from her nose, another human, who got to know the pair from filming in the cemetery, paid the bill.

Caring for Miss Tuxedo helped jolt her human from her depression. She applied for low cost housing, and brought along a four legged roommate — Miss Tuxedo.

Since the cat rescue, Miss Tuxedo’s human still has bad days, where she worries about the other felines in the cemetery and is sad about losing her boyfriend and father. But she is doing much better and is no longer depressed.

Furiends, every happy cat rescue story means a feline’s life is saved. In this one, the human rescuing the cat did not just save a feline’s life — she turned her own around.

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