It Is Jacey’s Turn to Talk

Hi, everyone. I am giving my big diabetic cat buddy Bagheera some time to relax. I ambushed him a few times this morning, so he is a little annoyed at me. The human is, too, because I ambushed Bagheera when the human was trying to sleep, and it woke him up! I do not understand this, because I just want to play.

I have some good news about the feline named Big Daddy, who Bagheera told you about. As the furiend of a diabetic cat, I am very sensitive to special needs cats. Well, Big Daddy had a rough life, but he was saved by kind humans. And he recently started radiation therapy for a cancer he developed.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Furiend Big Daddy

His treatment went well, and he came home with some interesting marks. It appears that the humans in white coats put those marks on him so they would know where to focus the radiation next time. I guess you could call them fur tattoos?

Big Daddy is handling this well, just like the gentle giant he is. He actually wants to play with his humans, but they are telling him to relax and to stay calm. Silly humans! When we felines want to play, we will. Just ask my human.

Also, my good furiend Lucky had some good news to share about the horrible situation with the shelter in Rutherfordton. Furiends, it is a terrible situation. The felines there have 72 hours to live, and during those 72 hours, they are not treated humanely.

A diabetic cat like Bagheera who was unfortunate enough to be placed in that so called shelter likely would not be treated for 72 hours and would feel miserable. Then, he would be killed.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Urges You to Take Action

That is bad enough, but see the kittens in this picture? One is soaking wet, and two of them are so scared they are taking refuge in the bowl where their noms are. And the noms are for canines, which does not provide felines with the nutrients they need.

Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of Lucky and his humans, they were able to pull five kittens from this horrible situation.

More needs to be done, my furiends. Lucky has provided the information you humans need to make that happen, and Bagheera, Marley, and I all hope you do.

Well, furiends, I am going to go ambush Bagheera. I tell the human it is good that I do it, because that helps get him moving and exercise is good for a diabetic cat.

But between you and me, I do it because it is fun and I love to play!

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