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Yesterday, the human showed me that he cares very much about me, Jacey and Marley. I already knew this because he spends the additional time needed to care for a diabetic cat. But yesterday, he attended the public meeting of the California Fish and Game Commission. Here, misguided humans presented a petition to ban hybrid cats. These include bengals like me, Jacey, and Marley as well as savannahs and chausies.

It was a very long day for the human. There were many topics that were taken up before the petition was addressed.  Because the day went on for so long, the human was not able to speak to the commission. Instead, the commission asked that all the humans there to speak about the proposed ban on hybrid allow someone to represent the group.

That is what happened and here is the presentation that was given.

This makes bengal cats and other hybrid breeds happy
All Bengal Cats and our Fellow Hybrid Breeds Say This

The human feels that the Commission does not believe it should be in the business of regulating domestic animals. With the commissioner stating that he felt that the presenter would be pleased with their decision, he thinks that the proposed regulations of hybrid cats will go nowhere. That means the bengal cat breed and our fellow hybrid breeds will be allowed to stay in California.

The petitioner also had an opportunity to speak. And he lied about the bengal cat breed and our fellow hybrids.

There are so many lies in this presentation. First, the issue of rabies vaccinations is irrelevant in California. Cats are not required to be vaccinated for rabies. And when I lived with the human in a state where vaccinations were required, we used a regular rabies vaccination and that complied with the law.

The CDC actually says very little about vaccinations for hybrids. It only says that if a hybrid animal is suspected of having rabies, it should be euthanized and tested for the disease.

He claims, with no data, that hybrid cats are abandoned in large numbers by their humans. We are a handful for even a tolerant human, but most humans surrender us to animal shelters instead of abandoning us. And when we get there, we do not stay there for long. The San Diego Humane Society had to take in close to 30 bengal cats when a breeder died. All of my fellow bengal cats were placed within a week.

Finally, he lies again when he says that they do not seek to take away cats from their humans. The petition reads that all hybrid cats who are at least four generations removed from their wild ancestors and who have papers to show this will be grandfathered in.

Well, Jacey, Marley, and I are all rescues. I am sure that many humans who share their home with a bengal cat or two or other hybrids have paperwork to show it. But rescued cats do not. How will the human prove that we are far enough removed from our Asian leopard cat ancestor?

It is good that the Commission seems to have seen through the lies of the petitioners. I hope that I will bring you even better news when I tell you that they have refused to regulate hybrid breeds like bengal cats, savannahs, and chausies.

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  1. What about wild hybrids? My human encountered a kitten in a feed store who was polydactyl and bobtailed; the coloring also suggested the father may have been a bobcat.

    1. I am unaware of any breeding that intentionally crosses domestic felines with bobcats. I do not doubt that it happens as a feral cat and a bobcat may interbreed. But that is not what we are talking about here. We are talking about breeds of domestic cats like bengals, savannahs, and chausies that are many generations removed from their wild ancestors.

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